How to get to love running

One of the most loved and most hated exercises is definitely running. Usually people who don’t run consider those who do annoying, especially when the second talk about it, but, the fact is – people who run genuinely love running and they don’t hide their passion. If you would like to find a way to love running, we have gathered some tips that might prove helpful:

Run with a friend

Everything is easier when done with someone you know! If you run with a friend, you can have some extra hangout time and as the time goes by, your friendship will be stronger since you spend more time together. Furthermore, when you need support, the ideal person for providing support is your friend.

Take a break while running

You will still be a runner if you take a walking break. Furthermore, one study has shown that you can keep up the pace if you take short walking breaks. Combining running with walking could give you similar results like people who do high interval intensity trainings, which is known for giving great results, especially when combined with some core exercises.

Choose the perfect playlist

Music is important part of our lives and for some people one of the key parts of every workout. According to latest reports, choosing the perfect music for running can help you run longer and farther. If you don’t know what kind of music should you listen to, there are thousands of playlists and compilations on YouTube, Spotify and SoundCloud for you to choose.

Focus on your good runs and not the bad ones

It is very important that you learn to motivate yourself, because that is something that is going to help you very much in the future. The main problem is that we tend to find excuses not to run – it is either could outside, we are tired etc. Routine is a good thing and until you start running all the time, you should find a way to incorporate running in your schedule.

Find a sport that you can participate in

Finding an active sport, like basketball or soccer, which could help you improve your overall condition and make you run. There are now ways to join leagues, whatever your age is, where you can get involved in competitions and teams.

Incorporate interval training in your routine

Interval trainings are very popular at the moment and there are many people who have incorporated interval training in their routine and they claim that the results are great! The main reason is the EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption) which enables your body to burn calories up to 36 hours after you have done the exercise.

These are just some tips to get you started and if you don’t love to run, there are lots of ways to get to love running. You should keep in mind that running is one of the most effective exercise that you can do – and it does not require any special gear – just proper running shoes.

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