How to get to love exercising for life

You have probably heard about or you know a person that loves to exercise – they love everything about it, from the wardrobe to the exercises themselves. You must have thought that it would be awesome if you could be like that. Experts say that we learn not to love exercises from early age – just try to remember – did you love to run in school? Were you picked last for every team? In some cases, it is possible that you just didn’t need to maintain your weight by exercising, so you never needed them.

Learning to love exercising is not impossible, especially when you take in account that working out does not have to be painful, annoying or inconvenient. When starting with your fitness journey, be prepared for what is ahead of you and you will already be able to embrace exercises as a challenge and not as something that you hate, but have to do.

First thing you need to prepare yourself for, before starting with regular exercise is that you will have to step out of your own “comfort zone”. This is something that most of the people find quite hard, because it is much easier to sit on the couch and watch a movie or go out with your friends on shopping. When going to the gym for the first time or trying out a new exercise can be even scary for some people. Some people even claim that they were scared before going out on a walk around their block, after longer time of inactivity.

Starting in the right state of mind is very important and you should be aware that in most cases of people who stopped exercising just a few weeks after they started – they alone were to blame. In most of the cases, the ambitious plan is what was wrong – they wanted too much, too soon. Always keep in mind that half hour of workout is much better than no workout and also that you don’t have to do a whole hour of workout if you don’t feel like it.

When it comes to exercising, there is one thing you need to know – in order to see some real results, it takes time. That six pack you always wanted will not come in month nor will you lose those 10 inches in three weeks, that stuff is only possible in infomercials. But, the good news is that the results will come, but not unless you work for them. Set some goals (make sure that they are realistic) and let the possible results be your motivator!

It would be best if you could find some exercises that you actually enjoy doing, but this doesn’t mean you will actually enjoy an exercise, but you could enjoy knowing that it will get you results you want. Keep in mind that even those who love to exercise, don’t like every single workout they do – but they do it anyway and they get the results and reach the goals that they want!

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