How to fight with overeating?

Eating is one of the few basic processes that we need to survive – a grown man can’t survive long without food. Chances are that you are already aware that we need to eat to keep on existing and that trough food we supply our bodies with energy needed to get us through that day. Furthermore, our bodies receive antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients through food, which are crucial when it comes to helping keeping us healthy and away from disease.

When you take in account how important eating is, then it comes as a no surprise that food is everywhere around us – on TV, in magazines, there are books and website devoted only to recipes and food preparation and there are restaurants everywhere, promising great food. We love food – we love to eat, to talk about it and to prepare it. But, that is not all – we also eat to celebrate certain occasions like weddings or job promotions – some people would just look for any reason to eat nice food to celebrate something.

Unfortunately, there are times when we are stressed, sad or depressed, which is also the time when many of us turn to food to make us feel better and more than often it happens that we overeat. Sometimes it happens once in a while, but when it becomes regular – you should be worried. We start overeating, we gain weight and not only ruin our looks – we also ruin our health. Then comes the time when our health can be really in danger and doctors tell us that the time has come to stop overeating and going on a diet.

How to stop overeating?

Unfortunately, there is no one sure way to stop overeating. Just like it needed time for you to start overeating, it will take even more time and dedication for you to stop doing it. Here are some ways that you could try:

  • Learn portion sizes – in last 40 years, normal portion size served has increased more than double, which is another reason to learn how much is the proper serving of meat or vegetables – it is probably much less than you think!
  • Learn how to divide your plate and add foods your body needs – half of your plate should be filled with either fruits and vegetables, one quarter with foods that are rich with protein and last quarter with starches.
  • Turn to water to help you fight the hunger – avoid sodas and sugary drinks to help you when feeling hungry. Instead, try drinking just pure water – it will not only help you feel less hungry, but it will also help you reach that 8-10 cups of water a day!
  • Foods that are rich in fiber are the ones that keep you feeling full for longest periods and it comes a sure thing for you to simply add more those foods in your regular diet – fruits, vegetables and grains (unprocessed and whole) are the foods to add and increase the amount of fiber you consume!

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