How to fight with emotional eating

When it comes to losing weight and dieting, one of the biggest problems is not what you would think at first – according to experts, emotional eating is what can easily sabotage your journey to a fit you. The reason why occasional emotional eating destroys your chances of being slimmer is the fact that when you start emotionally eating you overeat – ending up eating much more calories than you should have and even if you were eating clean the whole week – just one overeating can erase all the progress you have made.

What is the best way to fight with emotional eating?

In order to fight emotional eating you first have to understand its origin. Emotional eating has its roots deep in stress and the stress is the only thing that can actually cause you to overeat when you are nervous. Just think about it – did you ever suffer emotional eating when you were happy and joyful? Of course not. Some experts believe that we overeat in stressful situations mostly because we don’t know how to deal with these kind of situations – some even says that emotional eating is something that we have learned in our childhood, so it can be even subconscious.

Fortunately, there are many ways to fight with emotional eating, without using only the willpower, which really is something you can’t count on when you are in stressful situation. Most of these tips include doing some things that don’t have anything to do with the weight loss process, instead they help you deal with the stressful situation itself. Finding the right strategy to deal with stress without turning to eating could take some time and few tries, but don’t quite on yourself. Here are the tips – make sure to try out a few before you found the combination that works for you:

  • First thing you should do is keep a food journal. Some people on their weight loss journey are already doing this, but it is a good idea for anyone fighting with emotional eating. The food journal will help you identify when the overeating happens, which means that you will be able to identify the triggers causing them.
  • In order to stop emotional eating you will have to find a way to fight with stress and what is causing it. Furthermore, working on your emotional well-being can be really helpful – do yoga, meditation or go on a massage.
  • Experts strongly believe that handling stress better is directly connected to your problem-solving skills, which means that enhancing the way you solve problems can help you stress better.
  • Ask for help online – there are many many places where you could ask someone to help you or just to find someone to talk with. Furthermore, social media makes it even easier for you to find someone – whether it is your friend or some stranger on Twitter – don’t be shy and try to feel free to share your thoughts and what problems you have – someone might not help you solve your problems, but actually sharing with someone what bothers will be enough help.

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