How to fight sugar cravings

When it comes to sweets, one thing is for sure – we all love them! I am yet to encounter person that doesn’t have some guilty pleasure in a sweet form – whether it is a piece of tasty chocolate cake or donuts – we all love sweets. But, what to do when you start craving sweets every day? When eating sweets become a habit, it can be really difficult to kick it – some would even go on to say that sweets can be quite addictive, just like cigars or alcohol. Experts now say that with obesity and diabetes as two main health risks caused by overeating on sugar-filled sweets – you could say that this habit can be quite dangerous.

So, what should you do when you crave sweets? Here are a few tips that should help you fight with this habit:

  • If you are not completely ready to stop eating sweets, then you could try to find a proper substitution. When are you most likely to crave sweets? If it is in the evening you could try some fruit tea, if it is in the morning or afternoon – then any piece of fruit will do. On the other hand, if nothing that we have previously mentioned is not sweet enough for you, then you could try to have dried fruit as a snack or a glass of juice, made out of 100 percent fruit.
  • If you don’t want to substitute sweets for something healthier, but you want to kick it completely – then experts say you should just try to wait out the craving. Usually it lasts about 10 minutes and if you find something to occupy yourself while craving lasts, you shouldn’t have a problem fighting with it. Distraction could be anything – from a short walk to a simple call to one of your friends.
  • You could try to come up with a reward system – if you are able to get through whole day or week without eating sweets, you could reward yourself for being so persistent. It doesn’t have to be anything big, but still to be something to look forward to. Most of the people choose to give themselves a dollar for every day without sweets.
  • Everything is easier when done with someone, so it is always a good idea to find a friend or a family member that is ready to go on a sugar-free journey with you. Furthermore, you could try to get your whole family on board, because this is one healthy habit for everyone to develop. Make everyone accountable and try to enjoy this new journey with your friend or family!
  • Try to change your habits to avoid situations in which you trigger sweet cravings. For example, if you always like to get sweets from a vending machine on work, try to avoid going by the machine or if you eat sweets when you are stressed out – just try to substitute those sweets with something else to get you through stressful situation.

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