How to eat less without realizing it

No matter what people tell you – counting calories is not as interesting as some people make it to be. Lots of people simply hate the idea to write down everything they have eaten, every day, every week and every month. The process can be boring and this is the main reason people just don’t do it. Good news for you is that there are other things you can do to lose weight, even without realizing it!

We have gathered six ideas that could help you lose weight easier:

If you are dining out, eat a snack before you go

This new idea is a great suggestion for all those who like to dine out, but can’t control when it comes to amount of food they are going to eat or for those who are not able to choose the right portion size. The perfect timing for this snack is around 30 minutes before you leave. This snack should have around 200 calories and at least 15g of protein. The best thing about this snack is that it will make you feel full and it will stop you from overeating during dinner.

Stop when you’ve had enough

This is one of the biggest problems when it comes to weight loss – most of us just don’t know when we’ve had enough and it is time to stop. According to experts, you should stop eating when you are satisfied, not when you are full.

Make sure to chew your food

You’ve probably heard so far that you should chew each bite 40 times. While it was believed that this is not true, this idea has been proved and backed by science facts. One study even reported that people who chew their food more, eat approximately 12% less than people who chew less than them.

Think about food like a restaurant critic

This is a newer idea and it is not backed by science, but it makes sense. The idea is that you should eat slowly and think about the flavor, smell and texture of your food. Think about what you are eating, where it came from and how it was prepared. One study in United Kingdom has showed that people who think about their meals from the view of a food critic tend to remember longer the taste and they should feel fuller for a longer period.

Take time to plan your shopping in advance

According to latest studies, people who have gone shopping on an empty stomach not just end up buying more, but they tend to buy products that have more calories than the products that they usually buy. The same study has shown that the best time to go grocery shopping is after breakfast on weekend, but, if you can’t go that early on weekend you should have a snack before you go shopping. Some people even suggest making a short list of all stuff needed for next week or two – the idea is simple – if you buy only things from the list, you will not buy things you didn’t intend to in the first place.

Buy smaller plates

Did you know that the size of the average plate has been enlarged by 23% in the last century? One research has found a simple solution for this problem – you should get a dinnerware that has wide and colored rims, because they make the plate seem full and the portion size large, even if you eat less than you normally do. On the other hand, you can always invest in smaller dinnerware and use it instead.

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