How to determine best diet for you

In last few years, Internet has become swamped with tips and advice from all kinds of experts saying that one food is better than the other, that one vitamin will help you with bloating or some smoothie will help you fight with sugar cravings etc. For someone who is at the beginning of his or her fitness journey, it can be very hard to determine which advice to follow, especially when it comes to whether to count calories or to eat only organic food, mostly because it seems that every person has a different opinion. Not to mention some burning questions like: Should I be vegan? Vegetarian? Should I cut out only the red meat? Or dairy?

The thing is – every person is different and unique in its own way and there is no one diet or lifestyle that can be good for all 7 billion of us on this planet. Because of that, you have to try to find out which diet suits you best (doesn’t bloat you and it helps you maintain the weight you want).

The best way to define what your ideal diet is to simply listen to your body. Believe it or not, our bodies our constantly giving us all sorts of signals, you just need to know what to look out for – for example, some people are having problems digesting certain dairy products and because of that they have to consume special dairy products. This is not the only example, there are many, many more. If you are having difficulties understanding which foods are right for you and which are not, you should try consulting with a professional nutritionist.

The interesting thing is that all experts agree that we should avoid eating certain foods – like anything that is processed. Unfortunately, there are more processed foods now available than ever before and to make things even worse – it is cheaper than whole foods. The main reason why you should try to consume more whole foods and less processed is because our bodies already know how to process everything that is natural (vegetables, dairy products and fruit), while at the same time can have difficulties processing any foods that has preservatives, additives, sugar alternative and artificial coloring. Experts say that body needs more energy to break down processed foods, which means that there is less fuel for energy you actually need.

One way to determine your ideal diet and to be more efficient is to educate yourself about the topic – this is probably the way we all in the end decide to take. Thanks to the Internet, we have a lot of information at our disposal at practically no cost. Furthermore, you don’t have to limit your education to Internet – you can only check out some books at the library or that your friends might have. However, you should keep in mind that not every source is legitimate and before trying out something that you saw online, you should check out more sources and determine whether it is a real deal!

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