How to deal with obstacles on your fitness journey

When you first start with your fitness journey, it seems that everything is going to be perfect – you are not going to miss any workout, you will eat only according to your new diet, you are going to lose lots of pounds and be more fit. But, what about when you hit an obstacle or a setback? In these cases we usually get two paths – some people just spin out of control, totally forgetting diet, exercises and everything else, whole on the other hand some people approach the situation in a calm manner and are able easily to overcome the obstacle and move on.

Keep in mind that it is easy to quit – you just stop what you were doing and you get back to how it was before. However, you were not satisfied with how you were before and that is the reason why you started your fitness journey in the first place. When you put things in this perspective, then you obviously see that it is much better to acknowledge that you have taken a step backwards, stop stressing about and continue on your journey to a better self.

What to do when things are not going according to your plan? The best thing you can do is take a step back and evaluate the situation. Think about how this happened and why it happened. What was the trigger? Could you have avoided the situation? Most of the people hit obstacles in their fitness journey when they are facing a difficult, stressful situation in their life, but this is still not a good excuse for overeating – since eating a lot of bad food for you will certainly not solve your problem. Furthermore, when you admit what happened, don’t blame others, instead learn from it and move on. You should always know that you can count on the support of your family and friends.

When you have evaluated the situation, the time has come to start again – this is not a completely new start, since you are just returning to a previous state – but it is still just as important as the first step you have ever taken toward a better, healthier life. Set new goals if needed (be realistic), think about something new you can start doing or how you can change something you have done in the past.

In the end, you can at least take some comfort knowing that it happens to many people and it is up to single one of us how are we going to deal with it. Instead of grieving for a day or a week of your fitness journey that have gone to waste, take a positive stance and look forward to all those workouts and healthy meals that are awaiting you in the future. Life is sometimes easy and sometimes is hard, but you should always try to be as healthy as possible, because your body is the only one you will get in this life – so, make sure to give it the best care possible.

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