How to boost your energy in office

In last 15 years, the way we work has completely changed – in 90s was completely impossible to imagine that just 15-20 years later more than 50 percent of all adult Americans will be working from home. At the same time, thanks to the amount of work that must be done on computers, we are sitting more than ever and experts and doctors now claim that sitting over long periods of time is just as dangerous as smoking.

If you are working in an office, sitting behind a desk, typing something on your computer for long periods, the time has come to implement some changes to your typical day at the office that will not only decline the negative effects of sitting, but it will also help you feel more energized during working hours, which should also improve the overall quality of your work.

Here are some tips that should help you be healthier and more energized during working hours:

  • First of all, make sure that your posture is right, for many reasons – not only that the bad posture affects your body, it can also reduce the amount of blood and oxygen that is supplied to your brand and for up to 30 percent!
  • Find a staircase and go up and down a few times – this is super-simple exercise to tone your legs and it will get your heart rate up.
  • Learn to massage yourself while you are sitting at your desk. Finding the pressure points in certain places will help you relax and relieve some of the stress you might be enduring.
  • Did you ever try doing push ups at your table? Did you know that this is an awesome way to tone your chest and your arms? It only takes a few minutes and with a few reps you can get awesome results over time.
  • If you are in an office that does a lot of printing, chances are that there are unopened packs of printing paper that is quite heavy – you can use it like weights and do a few lifts whenever you get the chance.
  • If you are in a closed office, you can always do a few minutes of shadow boxing. This is a simple exercise that will get your blood flowing and imagining a boxing fight against someone who is causing you stress can only make your more relaxed.
  • Similar situation is with jumping jacks – this is a workout that we have done since we were little and it is known as a workout that can give awesome results when done regularly.
  • Are your co-workers crazy about new stress balls? While there is no scientific proof that actually proves that these balls help with stress over time, they can actually help you relieve some of the stress immediately.
  • One of the ways to keep your mind focused is to do word puzzles during pause at work.
  • If you want to keep your brain engaged – just try switching hands with whatever you’re doing – your brain will work hard and you will have fun!

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