How exercising in the early morning can change your life

If you hate getting up early in the morning, you are not the only one – but, we all know that one person that simply hates getting up in the morning at all. They often have problems getting up anytime in the morning and the thought of even exercising in the early morning makes them want to curl up in their bed even more. Night owls generally prefer to do everything later in the day or during the night, while there are those “early birds” that love to get up early in the morning and start their day with a workout.

Is there a reason to get up early in the morning and exercise? What makes it better than exercising later in the day? According to one major study, working out early in the morning can be beneficial for your body much more than it was initially thought:

  • For anyone who wants to lose weight, good news is that working out early in the morning speeds up the metabolism and it can stay on elevated levels for up to 24 hours. This basically means that because you worked out early in the morning, you could burn more calories during next 24-hour period.
  • Many participants in the research claim that the fact that they worked out early in the morning gave a satisfying feeling itself because they knew that they have done something good for themselves. Furthermore, other studies have shown that exercising early in the morning will make you feel energized throughout the whole day.
  • If your priority in the early morning is to exercise, it might be easier for you to get up, knowing that you have to do something that you enjoy doing. Furthermore, it is known that regular exercise positively affects the quality of sleep, which means that you might require less sleep than before to feel fully rested and prepared for the next day.
  • Good thing about getting up and exercising at the same time a few times a week is that it helps your body learn this routine, meaning that after some time your body will be prepared better early in the morning for your exercise, meaning that you will be able to perform better.
  • One study investigated how getting up and exercising early in the morning affects on our appetite during the same day and they have shown some interesting results – most of the people who participated in the survey that exercised early in the morning have said that they didn’t feel as hungry as usual, meaning that exercising early in the morning might help you fight with food cravings and taming your appetite.
  • Another good thing about exercising early in the morning is the fact that you have done it before anything else and it is practically impossible that something might come up that will seem more important and make you skip your exercise, while exercising in the afternoon is more likely to be skipped due to some more important things.

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