Here’s why you should try interval training today

One type of exercises has recently become very popular and every fitness trainer is now recommending this type of exercises to everyone. You have probably heard about it before – it is called interval training. The idea behind interval training is simple – your normal cardio sessions is divided into two parts – first is the high-intensity effort and second is the low-intensity recovery effort and all that during one cardio session!

Some people do interval training every cardio session, while some do it couple times a week. If you are not yet sure whether you should try interval training, we have prepared for you main reasons to try it today:

During interval training you burn more calories

One of the main reasons to start with interval training today is the fact that while you do interval training you burn more calories than during classic cardio workout. In most cases, the amount of calories that you burn during 40 minutes of your regular cardio training, with interval training you burn the same amount in just half that time!

It burns more fat, also

Another amazing thing about interval training is that it burns more fat than regular exercise. While doing short high-intensity intervals, your body starts using fat as a fuel and the end results is up to 30 percent more burned fat during one interval training that during normal cardio session. Some researches have shown that your body continues burning fat up to 12 hours after you have finished with training, but there are no scientific evidence about this – at least not yet.

Interval training is for everybody

American Council on Exercise has recently published an article, praising the interval training, saying that everyone – from those who are complete beginners to those who are professional athletes can benefit from interval training. Beginners can use interval training to work their way up to the higher levels, while the professional athletes can use interval training to improve power, speed and performance.

It can boost your fitness level

The study that we have mentioned before has shown that people who did interval trainings were able to improve their cardiovascular fitness for up to 13 percent. Journal of Applied Physiology has published a study in which they say that college-age men and women were able to double their exercise endurance in just two weeks of interval training.

You will spend less time in the gym

We have good news for those who never have enough time, because thanks to the interval training they can spend less time in the gym and they can dedicate their time to something else.

Interval trainings are great against boredom

Many people say that the best thing about interval training is that it makes your exercise appear much shorter and because of the intensive parts – much more fun. The main reason for this is the fact that the interval training is split in more smaller parts, than just one and alternating between those shorter intervals makes the time go by faster.

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