Here’s what you need to do before even trying to conceive

When you decide to finally settle down and have kids, you start feeling very excited and you simply can’t wait to start working on getting pregnant. For some, baby is conceived very fast and these women can start planning what will happen when the baby comes, on the other hand, not everyone is so lucky. When you are trying for some time to conceive, but nothing happens – it can get really frightening. However, this in no way means you can’t have a baby, it is possible that it just needs more time.

If you are in this situations, there are some things that you can do to make it easier for you to get pregnant (keep in mind that these are just a few tips, not 100 percent sure way to get pregnant):

  • Prenatal vitamins have been a topic of many discussions around the world and there are still some who are for and against them. Even if you don’t like taking vitamin supplements, there are some benefits of taking prenatal vitamins. These vitamins have more iron and folic acids than other vitamins – both of these ingredients are very important for the baby.
  • Some experts recommend keeping track of your menstrual cycles in a chart. This might take some time and dedication on your side, but it could be really beneficial – you will be able to know exactly how long your cycles are, when was the last one and when can you expect the next to occur. All this data will help you also understand your body and you could even pair it with one of those apps that are designed to help you track when you ovulate.
  • Finding the right doctor in the beginning of the process could save you a lot of time and nerves in the future and you will also have someone to contact about all questions you could have about the process. Furthermore, make sure that you check your insurance coverage – labor can be quite expensive in some hospital, so it is always a good idea to check the financial side of it all.
  • If you enjoy alcohol regularly, it might be the best time to start slowly decreasing the weekly amount you consume (don’t worry, you won’t have to stop drinking completely and you can continue normally after the baby comes).
  • Make sure that you eat well – both in the process of conceiving the baby and during the nine months of expecting. The key to your health and the health of your baby is proper diet. Use the time before getting pregnant to move to a healthy diet, so it is easier on you when you start expecting.
  • One topic is especially taboo in the world – expecting moms that exercise. It is proven that regular exercise can’t harm the baby in any way and actually more and more doctors recommend regular workout. Start with fitness before getting pregnant and later just adjust the intensity (make sure to consult with your doctor on this matter).

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