Here are some tips on how to boost your energy without caffeine

Lots of people get up and start that day with fresh dose of caffeine. Some call it addiction, some call it habit, but the truth is that we can’t live without it. We all need that boost that only coffee can give us. But, what if there was another way to get that energy boost? What if you could start your day without coffee? Some people would say that it is impossible, however, latest researches have shown that it is possible.

Thanks to these researches, we now have a list of things that you can do to boost your energy every day, without caffeine:

Ramp up the volume during your morning commute

According to one of the researches, listening to your favorite song in the morning is going to give you a lift, just like a fresh cup of coffee. People that have participated in the research told that they feel like they got energy boost after hearing they favorite song, some even reported that they felt even better if they sung along.

Exchange coffee for gums

One study that has been done in Great Britain has shown that chewing a gum can boost your mood, alertness and attention span. Chewing increases your heart rate, which makes you feel more energetic. If you are wondering what is the best flavor – the research has found out that the best results are with the peppermint flavor.

Think about your significant other

Canadian research has shown that thinking about your significant other can boost your energy and make you feel better. There is a scientific explanation for this: when you daydream about your significant other, the blood sugar level increases, which makes you feel more energetic.

Laugh more throughout the day

The best thing you can do in a slow afternoon is to laugh. You can always take some time to take a look at a viral video or a video that someone recommended. When you laugh, your blood starts flowing faster, increasing your overall energy level.

Eat more spinach – just like Popeye!

Nutritionists suggest to eat more spinach and leafy greens – because they have B vitamins, which helps our body convert food into energy. However, eating salad won’t make you feel the energy immediately, but eating it on daily basis can help you feel energetic and feel less fatigue than you would usually.

Get some sun time

One Dutch study has shown that just 15 minutes in the sun can make you feel more energetic. The research proved that people who spend more time on daylight fell less fatigue, than those who spent more time in the dark.

Take short walks

Whenever you feel like you’re tired, you should get up from your desk and take a walk. It does not have to be a long walk – it is enough to go to the restroom and wash your hands. Walking boosts blood flow, metabolism and heart rate, making you feel an instant boost of energy for a long period of time.

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