Healthy habits that you can fit in a busy day

At times it feels like there is simply no time in a day for us to be healthy – and this is not an excuse. We are talking here about those days when there is simply so much things to do. But, there is still one strong reason for you to think healthy even on that day – it doesn’t take a lot for you to fall back and to stray off your fitness journey. Keeping up with your healthy lifestyle, even on a day like this can be counted as a big win for you and it could keep you motivated in the future.

Here are some things that you can add to your daily routine, making them a healthy daily habit:

  • This is probably the advice you have heard the most, but it just shows how important it is – drink more water. Keeping you body hydrated throughout the whole day enables you to be on top of your energy levels, while providing necessary substances for your digestive system. Furthermore, water is very good for skin and along with that it helps reduce cellulite and accelerate weight loss.
  • Try to drink less and less sodas and coffee drinks, until you don’t have to drink them at all. Sodas are filled with artificial sugars that increase the amount of sugar in your blood, resulting in an instant rush of energy, however that feeling can pass really fast and also the sugar levels in your blood become lower, leaving you in need for more sugar. Coffee drinks also provide a short energy boost, followed by crash of energy.
  • Try to substitute all foods that have high amounts of sugar with other versions that have less sugar. There are multiple reasons why you should this – your calorie intake will be lower, you are less likely to gain weight and you will also avoid needing to eat more sugar later in the day.
  • Be prepared for when you need to snack – when we feel the urge to eat something, we are more likely to pick whatever the closest option is, without even thinking is it healthy or not. You should prepare for situation like this and buy lots of healthy snacks, like baby carrots, nuts, dried fruit, yogurt, wholegrain crackers, string cheese etc.
  • Invest some time into meal planning – experts say that we should not plan meals for the whole month, but that we should do it on a weekly basis. You should keep it simple and if you are efficient it should not take more than 15 minutes. Try to incorporate various meals along with salads and even something sweet!
  • It can be difficult to fit a full exercise on a busy day, but this doesn’t mean that you should not do any exercise throughout the whole day. Try to do a few pushups, squats or even lunges when you have 5 minutes of spare time.
  • If you eat on work, you should prepare your meal the night before, that way you can be sure to avoid any temptations of ordering fast food.

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