Health benefits of pineapples

Most of the people love to eat pineapple – even though it is so sturdy on the outside, it is very delicious and what’s more important – very healthy on the inside. However, did you know pineapples were named as the healthiest fruit in the world and there is a good reason for that. Pineapple contain practically no fat and cholesterol, while at the same time are packed with potassium, copper, vitamins A, B, C and some other minerals that are essential to our bodies.

You are probably unaware of some of the health benefits of pineapples, so we listed them for you:

  • Pineapples can boost your immune system

According to the Food and Drug Administration (also known as FDA) pineapples have half of the daily recommended value of Vitamin C. As you probably already know, Vitamin C is essential help to our bodies in fight against cell damage and furthermore it prevents heart diseases and joint pains.

  • Pineapples can strengthen your bones

Along with the Vitamin C, this fruit is also known for being rich in manganese, which helps strengthen connecting tissues and bones. Furthermore, it is believed that manganese helps with prevention of osteoporosis in older women.

  • Pineapples help reduce stress

Pineapples have lots of Vitamin B, which is known for helping our brain function better and deal with stress more efficiently.

  • Pineapples keep your eyes healthy

One study that was carried out in the United States has shown that pineapples can help keep our eyes healthy. The study has shown that eating pineapples regularly reduces the risk of macular degeneration (an eye disease that causes loss of vision), thanks to the high levels of Vitamin C and antioxidants.

  • Pineapples help treat cough and colds

Pineapples are considered to be a great remedy when it comes to treating colds and cough, thanks to the huge amount of Vitamin C and anti-inflammatory bromelain. Furthermore, bromelain is known to help reduce respiratory problems and swelling.

  • Pineapples help prevent cancer

One study in the United Kingdom shown that thanks to the high level of certain antioxidants that help our bodies capture and fight against free radicals, pineapples have an important role in preventing cancer. Eating pineapples regularly slows down the process of cell damage, which in turn prevents some types of cancer.

  • Pineapples help reduce blood pressure

Thanks to the large amount of potassium, that every pineapple has, this fruit is considered to be a great help in reducing blood pressure. Potassium is a natural vasodilator, which means that it eases the tension of the blood vessels and improves blood circulation throughout the whole body. When your blood vessels relax, the blood can flow easily, which reduces your blood pressure.

  • Pineapples are great in fighting against acne

One study that was carried out in Canada has shown that pineapples can be used both internally and externally to improve the condition of your skin. You can either use it as an amazing natural mask for your face or just eat it and let the Vitamin C, bromelain and certain enzymes do their thing.

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