Health benefits of eating 3 bananas every day

Did you know that, according to one research, more than 96 percent of households in the United States buy bananas at least once a month? This should not surprise you – bananas are very versatile – they can be eaten without needing some kind of preparation, they can be used to add flavor to a meal or they can be added to smoothies to improve the flavor and make it even healthier.

Over the years, many times the benefits of eating bananas was questioned and luckily for us – bananas are healthy and safe for us and we can eat them whenever we want. However, it appears that there is more to bananas than just the nice flavor and affordable price – experts say that we should eat around three bananas every day to get the most out of them. Eating three bananas can provide your body with around 1500mg of potassium and many, many other benefits:

Bananas help lower your blood pressure

According to the recent studies, eating three bananas every day can significantly lower your blood pressure. It appears that the high potassium level helps neutralize the effect of rising blood pressure caused by sodium in diet (bananas are almost sodium-free).

Bananas help improve digestion

Bananas are packed with both soluble and insoluble fiber and fiber is very important nutrient because it helps slow down the speed of digestion. Because of this you feel full longer when you eat bananas, furthermore it can help with constipation. This is the main reason why bananas are often recommended for breakfast – they help you feel energized and full for a longer time.

Bananas help improve cardiovascular health

As we have mentioned before – bananas are full of fiber, which is also good for the heart. Experts often recommend a high fiber diet to decrease the risk of both coronary heart disease and cardiovascular disease. The soluble fiber in bananas is believed to help with decreasing the risk of heart disease.

Bananas are known to help create healthy cells

Did you know that bananas are rich in Vitamin B6 and contain around 20 percent of the recommended daily amount for adults? This vitamin helps our bodies produce hemoglobin, nonessential amino acids and insulin, which are all necessary to create the healthy cells. Furthermore, the vitamin B6 helps with the production of antibodies that help our bodies fight with infections.

Bananas have lots of Vitamin C

When you mention Vitamin C, most of the people first think of strawberries and oranges, however, they don’t know that bananas also have a lot of it. For example, one full serving of bananas has around 15 percent of recommended daily intake of this essential nutrient.

Bananas can help improve athletic performance

You have certainly seen that a lot of athletes love and consume bananas and there is a good reason for that: bananas are known to help boost the muscles and proved nutrients like antioxidants naturally. Yohan Blake, Jamaican Olympic Sprinter eats 16 bananas every single day!

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