Health benefits of drinking coffee every day

Every morning millions of people start their day with a hot cup of coffee, this is for some a ritual, while some even admit that they are addicted to coffee. For a long time coffee was considered to be bad for our health (which is true if you drink coffee in really large amounts every single day), but most of these claims were simple assumptions or they even weren’t scientifically proven. Because of that, many health organizations throughout the world have decided to some studies to show whether the coffee is good or bad.

Luckily for everyone who loves to drink coffee, it seems that drinking coffee in moderation can be really good for our health. However, since there are so many benefits that have been recently published, we are going to mention only those most important:

  • Drinking coffee lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease

In the past it was considered that drinking coffee regularly hurts your heart, mostly because the heartbeat increases when you drink a few cups, however, studies have shown that drinking three to five cups of coffee a day reduces the risk of getting a heart disease. Furthermore, drinking more than five cups of coffee a day does not get you a higher heart attack rate than the people who don’t drink coffee at all.

  • It boosts your brain cells

Coffee can make your brain produce more adrenaline and dopamine than usual, which can have lots of different positive effects – from improving the time of your reaction to boosting your memory. One study that included college students have come to the conclusion that those who drank more coffee while studying on average got better scores on tests.

  • It helps you when you are suffering from sleep deprivation

This is probably the most popular and the most known positive effects of drinking coffee. It has been proven long ago that when you are sleep, one cup of coffee can make a lot of difference. Furthermore, one study has shown that even the smell of coffee improves the reactions and concentration of people.

  • It prolongs your life

In the 90s many experts have started saying how coffee is bad for us, which kept many people from even trying coffee. Now, it seems that there is more reasons than ever to drink coffee – especially if you take in account the recent study that was done by Harvard, which come to the conclusion that drinking coffee can prolong your life.

  • Drinking coffee decreases risks of having a stroke

Just like the heart disease, drinking two to six cups of coffee every day can lower risk of having a stroke.

  • It will help you run faster

This tip is ideal for runners – drinking coffee before a workout will help your muscles to better convert fat to fuel, which means that you will feel more energized. Some runners have even stated that when they drink coffee before their runs, they can run up to a whole mile more!

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