Habits of women who love to exercise

We all know at least one person that seems addicted to working out – they don’t mind getting up early in the morning, they use the lunch brake at work to squeeze in a quick run or they leave work with their gym bag in hand, ready for another training session. They smile when they run and it seems like they enjoy every minute spent in the gym. But, were they always like that? Or they have come to love and enjoy exercising over time?

The good news is that anyone who wants can learn to love exercising, but it takes a lot of time and dedication. One survey has made a list of habits that are common for all people that love exercising:

The only exercises they do are the ones they love

First thing you need to know about people who love to exercise – they don’t like to waste time on exercise they hate or simply those they find boring. How many times have you heard that someone has started running even though they don’t like to run? And what usually happens? They quit. Instead, find what exercises you like and create a routine that will help you get to your goals.

They need to have constant feedback

Every fitness fanatic likes to get instant feedback and this is the main reason why they wear heart rate monitors or fitness trackers – they want to know immediately how many calories they burned or what was their heart rate while exercising. Experts say that they use this instant feedback for motivation.

They usually don’t go to the gym alone

Everyone needs a help from friends sometimes – but going with a friend to the gym is not only beneficial for both of you, but at the same time it keeps you accountable, which should help you and your friend continue on your fitness journeys.

They like to go to nature

People who love to exercise usually do their workouts inside only when they have to, but when the nice weather comes they can’t wait to go outside – for a run in the park, ride their bike on the nice road or join an outdoor Yoga class. Experts say that this is one of the most common habits for all fitness fanatics and there is a reason for that – exercising in the nature makes us feel alive and satisfied with ourselves – and because of that it is more likely that we are going to work out again.

They are not bothered by setbacks

Life is unpredictable and sometimes it can get in the way of our every day life. Experts say that people who don’t bother with current setbacks are the ones that continue exercising regularly.

They don’t worry about their weight

Fitness fanatics are either already satisfied with their diet or they are satisfied with the fact that they are on the road to it and because of that they are not bothered with their weight and don’t have to measure every single day.

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