Good reasons to stop smoking now

Did you know that there are more than 40 million active smokers in the United States alone? Somehow it seems that no matter how unhealthy this habit is and whatever the government does to keep the number of smokers down – every year thousands and thousands of people start smoking – mostly younger generations, before their twenties.

The interesting thing about smoking is that along with being unhealthy habit, it is also very expensive – pack of cigarettes go up to $13! Furthermore, around half a million Americans die every year of smoking-related illnesses and combined medical expenses go over $300 billion. One research came to the conclusion that more than $150 billion is lost every year due to losses in productivity, because of smoking.

The fact is that most of the smokers are aware what it is doing to their health, but they are still smoking. It is possible that you have tried quitting before, but you weren’t successful. Maybe you just didn’t have good reason to quit – so, check the list below for some really good reasons to do so:

  • Did you know that cigarette smoke consists of nicotine (insecticide that is highly addictive), carbon monoxide (which is a poisonous gas) and tar (a proven carcinogen)?
  • According to some scientific studies non-smoker live up to 10 years more than smokers.
  • Smokers take up to month and a half more to heal broken bones.
  • It is known that smoking cigarettes can cause heartburn. Furthermore, if you experienced heartburn before – cigarettes can only make it worse.
  • Did you know that smokers are three times more likely to suffer from a certain form of psychosis?
  • Official statistics show that behind 50 percent of all the deaths caused by 12 different cancers is smoking.
  • Experts say that it takes around 9 months for your lungs to restore some of its capabilities before you started smoking and you will experience less wheezing and coughing.
  • Did you know that in the United States smoking during an average lifetime costs up to two million dollars?
  • When you quit smoking you will notice much less stains on your hands.
  • When you quit, it will be much easier for you to keep your teeth white (not to mention the awesome smile you could show on all pictures).
  • Believe it or not – you will enjoy eating much more, mostly because smoking can affect your ability to taste foods and at the same time it can dull the taste receptors.
  • When you put out your last cigarette, it takes around 48 hours for nicotine to completely leave your body and you should immediately notice improve taste and smell.
  • It takes up to three weeks for your body to start the process of cleaning and it is after three weeks that you should start breathing better.

Quitting smoking can be difficult at times, but one thing is for sure – your life and life of your family will be much better and healthier.

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