Going on a hike? Here’s what you need to take with you

Summer is one of the most popular times of the year for hiking – people from cities tend to go on weekend hikes to escape the hot weather in the city and to enjoy the beautiful nature found everywhere around us. Hiking has many benefits and since it is similar to walking – you are already prepared for it. However, there are still some challenges, especially if you plan on going alone, so we have prepared for you some of the must-have hiking gear to have:

  • Hiking footwear – having a good pair of hiking boots is what is considered to be essential. All hiking boots are designed with two things in mind – first is to provide your comfort and grip and second is to keep you feet dry and warm, if needed. When you go on a hike you never know what will you encounter – which includes the surface on which you will hike – rocks, gravel, mud or grass are all possible, but if you have a good pair of hiking boots – you’re all set.
  • Along with hiking boots, you should have a good pair of socks – they should be able to repel water, but at the same time to be insulating and to enable your feet to breathe. Most of the expert hikers recommend choosing wool socks, because they have proven themselves in the wilderness many times.
  • When you plan on going a longer hike, then you should consider wearing a sun hat, especially if you are going out on a hot, sunny day. If you choose a hat with wider brim, it will keep the sun out of your face and you are less like to suffer from heat stroke.
  • Depending on the length of your hike, you should carefully plan what are you going to bring with you in terms of water and snacks. For example, if you are going on a short, one-hour hike than just water bottle will be enough, but if you are going on a longer hike – then you should consider taking a couple of bottles of water, some fruit and even some snacks. Some hikers always have energy power bars with them, just in case they need energy immediately.
  • Most of us take our mobile phones whenever we leave the house and it is always a good idea to take it with you on a hike, even though some hikers don’t take it with themselves. Having your mobile phone near is a safety measure – if something happened to you, you could call for help. Some hikers use their mobile phones instead of GPS devices, since most of the new smartphones have GPS modules built in.
  • When you have too many things to take with you on a hike, then the last piece of gear you are going to need is a backpack. Depending on the length of your hikes, you can choose either a big or medium backpack, depending on the amount of stuff your bring with you.

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