Fruits that help you lose weight quickly

Every ideal diet has three major food groups – fruits, vegetables, meat and dairy. In this article, we want to focus all our attention to the first we’ve mentioned – fruits. You probably already know how important fruits are and how healthy they really are. But, it appears that over the years we eat less and less fruit and more and more of the processed foods.

The problem is that people who want to lose weight turn to “fat-free”, “0 calories” and “wellness” products, instead of turning to fruits. The irony is that those processed foods that claim that are healthy usually have more sugars and fats than regular products, but they still are advertised as healthy and this is the main reason people who want to lose weight buy them.

If you want to lose weight and to be healthy in general, we have prepared a short list of fruits that should help you with the whole weight loss process:


There is a good reason why avocado is on top of the list – it is, without a doubt, the best fruit for weight loss. It is rich with omega 9 fatty acids and it speeds up your metabolism, by simply burning the fat and boosting our energy levels. If you don’t know how to incorporate it in your diet – just search for avocado salad or guacamole.


Experts say that lemon combined with honey can do wonders when it comes to weight loss. Some experts even call the lemon a “weight management fruit”. Lemons are rich in Vitamin B, riboflavin, Vitamin C and minerals like magnesium and phosphorus. There is no better way to start the day than with a mix of lemon and honey.


Did you know that watermelon has practically 0 fat? But this is not the only amazing thing about watermelon – the biggest amount of calories of watermelon that you can squeeze into a glass can have no more than 50 calories. Watermelons have lots of Vitamin A, B and C.


Bananas are ideal for active people – you can eat just one banana and drink a little water after it and you will feel full for hours. When eaten green and raw, it has more soluble starch.


One study, that has been done in Spain, has shown that people who consume grapefruit on a daily basis, can loose significantly more weight than the people who don’t eat it at all. Grapefruit has high sugar content and because of this it is best if you eat it in the morning.


This is ideal fruit for all people who love to snack – they have low calories and lots of water. They also have lots of Vitamin C and are known to help prevent many diseases.


Last, but not the least – apple is an amazing fruit that is rich in Vitamin A, fiber and water. It is ideal to eat between two meals, because it will fight off cravings.

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