Foods that help us cope with stress

Every now and then, everyone of us have to face with stressful times. Most often, when work piles up or there is something happening at home, we turn to junk food, because we tend to think that in these times we don’t have time for healthy eating. However, the interesting thing is that during stressful times, it is very important to choose carefully what we are going to eat, because there are some foods that can help us cope better with stress. Experts believe that some of these foods just stabilize sugar in our blood, while there are certain that others help us control our emotions.

We have gathered some of these foods and listed them below:


Milk is rich in vitamin D, which helps boost your happiness. One survey has shown that people of both genders, who have consumed milk on regular basis, were much more happy than the people who drank milk from time to time or never.


If you love carbs, you’re probably a big fan of donuts. This is why during stressful periods you tend to eat lots of donuts. If you want to get some healthy to eat and you love carbs, you should try eating oatmeal. Oatmeal won’t raise your blood sugar and you will feed your carb cravings.


Omega-3 acids that salmon contains are known for their anti-inflammatory properties. One survey showed that people that have eaten salmon on regular basis, reduced their anxiety level for around 20% unlike the people who did not have salmon in their diet.


Blueberries have lots of antioxidants, which help our body fight stress better, research says. There are lots of ways to incorporate blueberries in your diet, so make sure that you find some interesting recipes.

Turkey breast

Turkey meat has tryptophan, which helps the production of serotonin, which is known for its capabilities of regulating hunger and general feeling of happiness.


Unlike other foods on this list, pistachios don’t have some interesting ingredient that helps our body fight stress from the inside, however, experts say that doing something repetitive with your hands can help you fight off negative thoughts and pistachios are great for that!

Dark chocolate

We have great news for all chocolate lovers – researches have shown that people who tend to eat dark chocolate often, generally cope better with stress. However, remember to consume chocolate (and everything else) in moderation!

Leafy vegetables

It is much easier to eat junk food instead of something healthy, but if you do care about your health you should put some thought into it. During stressful times, leafy vegetables, like spinach, can help you feel better and there is a simple explanation for it – spinach has folate, which produces dopamine, which should make you feel happier.


Believe it or not, yogurt can help reduce your stress levels. Since it is known that stomach can contribute to your stress, having some yogurt might keep it calm, which can lower your overall stress level.

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