Foods that boost metabolism

Unfortunately, when it comes to weight loss – there are no shortcuts or magic pills that could make it easier on thousands (maybe millions) of people who are doing their best to lose weight every single day. While eating properly, exercising regularly and resting is something that you must do in order to lose weight, you can speed up that process by eating some of the foods that help you increase the speed of your metabolism.

As many studies have shown, there are some foods that simply boost our metabolism for various reasons – if you want to know more, below is a list of foods that are known to speed up metabolism:

Hot pepper

It is time to add some spice to your food – hot peppers have an active component – called capsaicin that supports fat oxidation and boosts your metabolism. Furthermore, some studies have shown that hot peppers have some properties that decrease both the appetite and overall food intake.

Green tea

For a long time was thought that green tea can help boost metabolism, but some of the recent researches have been actually able to prove that green tea is really able to speed up metabolism. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has stated that green tea can promote fat oxidation thanks to its caffeine content. Furthermore, along with caffeine there are also powerful antioxidants that provide lots of health benefits that can help with weight loss on the long run.


Coffee has caffeine, which is known as a natural stimulant and it is known that caffeine can increase metabolism. There was one research that shown that people who drank regular coffee had increased energy expenditure by 16 percent unlike people who drank only decaffeinated coffee. Furthermore, the same research shown that the increased energy expenditure lasted for up to 2 hours after drinking just one cup of coffee.

Cold water

More and more experts want us to look at the water in a whole new way – as a nutrient that can help us lose fat and boost our metabolism. Studies have shown that drinking cold water not only ensures hydration, but it also can help your body reach its optimal metabolic rate.

Whole grain

Experts say that including good carbs like quinoa, oatmeal and brown rice can speed up our metabolism and at the same time stabilize insulin levels in our bodies. Furthermore, great thing about whole grains is that they provide long lasting energy, since they are slow-release carbohydrates. Experts say that only one bowl of oatmeal can speed up digestion, boost metabolism, maintain regular insulin levels and provide energy that could last for hours.

Yogurt and low-fat dairy

Many researches have been able to link foods rich in calcium and probiotics with increased metabolic rate. Furthermore, yogurt and milk are two amazing sources of calcium, known for assisting our bodies to metabolize fat more efficiently. Probiotics can help digestion, which also boost metabolism. Cottage cheese is also rich in calcium, but also known for helping repair and maintain muscles.

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