Fitness and health myths you shouldn’t believe in

When it comes to health and fitness, there are lots of myths that people believe in for some reasons. Some of these myths have sense, while some are just nonsense, which someone made up. Understanding what is true and what is not can be really helpful in the long run, because you will be able to know what actually works and what not.

Below you can find a list of one of the most confusing fitness and health myths:

You can have toned abs thanks to dieting

First of all, you need to know that dieting is essential for everyone who wants to lose weight and for all people that are active (for example, runners and basketball players). Having a balanced diet can make all the difference. However, you can’t have toned abs just by dieting, you will have to exercise – both cardio and exercises with resistance.

You can burn 100 calories just by walking or running for a mile

Numbers like these are just estimates, it is not even an average number of burned calories per mile. The problem is that every person burns fat at its own pace, it depends on age, metabolism and diet. Even those machines, like stationary bikes and elliptical show how much calories you have burned, while, in fact it can’t know for sure how much calories you have actually burned.

You can target a specific area with exercises and lose fat right there

For example, abdominal exercises reduce the amount of fat stored on your stomach. This myth is not true because of one simple fact – you can never lose fat on only one spot. Whenever you lose fat, you lose it throughout the whole body. The abdominal exercises can help you tone your abs and indirectly lose fat from your stomach.

Green tea burns fat

The problem with this myth is that green tea does help increase calorie burn, because it boosts metabolism after you drink it. However, the studies that have shown this, got results by giving subjects around 7 cups of green tea a day, which is much more than it is recommend. However, if an average person would drink 7 cups of green tea a day, it would still not be able to get the results from the studies.

If you eat less often, you lose more weight

This is one of the strangest fitness and health myths out there, since almost every research shows that if you eat less often you gain more weight. Because of that, most of the experts recommend eating up to 6 times a day – just in smaller portions. By doing this you keep your metabolism at high speed, because it has to work all the time. Balance your diet and try to eat every 2-3 hours for best results.

You can have a big belly and be healthy at the same time

This myth says that if your BMI shows that you are healthy, but you have a big belly, you are still considered healthy. Unfortunately, this is not true. BMI is an estimate and more and more experts say that you can know a lot about health of a person just by measuring his or her waistline.

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