Finding the perfect running or walking route

Losing weight and improving your looks at times can be quite simple – take walking or running for example. Walking is a super-simple activity that anyone can do and it doesn’t require any special gear and it even doesn’t require that you work hard. Running is a little more difficult, but it still requires of you only a good pair of running shoes and some motivation. Both workouts are easy, can be done almost anywhere and you can do it whenever you have the time.

Choosing the best place to run or walk can be easy or difficult, mostly depending on the time of the year and what are the options that your town offers for both activities. Furthermore, you must take in account that not every person has the same preference when it comes to the place where they like to run or walk – some runners enjoy running only on track, it is what keeps them motivated, while on the other hand there are people who enjoy walking in large city parks. Here are some of the best place to go for a run or a peaceful walk:

  • Your local scenic route – according to an online survey, every third runner said that they especially enjoy runs on their local scenic routes. This is actually a very good idea – first of all, it is a good change of scenery after running or walking in the city and the clean air without nearness of cars and a lot of people can have almost therapeutic characteristics. These routes can be in the woods, near lakes or rivers – practically anywhere where the city is far.
  • Any terrain that offers variety – probably the most effective routes are the ones that offer variety that will keep you engaged and interested. These routes should involve everything – from flat surfaces for faster walking or running to steep slopes, which will test both your strength and endurance. Did you know that walking up a hill that has a 15 percent slope uses 30 percent more energy than walking on flat surface?
  • Soft surface – this is not a route, in its meaning, but it could be a route that only involves walking or running on soft surface, like ground or grass terrain. According to experts, most of the injuries that happen during running happen because of the hard terrain and the fact that your body is not prepared for that kind of stress. This is a good reason for you to start looking for a route that involves only soft terrain.
  • Route that has places to rest and hydrate – in ideal world, every route has places where you can rest or hydrate. Unfortunately, in real world this is rarely the case, so you have to plan your routes carefully, in order to make sure that you always have a place where you can rest (especially if you are running) and that the same routes includes frequent water stops, especially if you are not having any water with yourself!

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