Few tricks to help you unplug

In the era of social media, where we constantly post updates and take pictures, it seems that our mobile phones have become an essential part of our lives. Some people admitted that they experienced slight rush of panic when noticing that their smartphone has less than 10 percent of battery remaining! This only shows how attached to these devices we really are. There are many benefits of using mobile phones – it helps us keep up with our friends and family, our work-related stuff and it helps us document our life.

On the other hand, there are also many downsides of using mobile phone every single day – first of all, we become detached from the outside world, we spend less time with our friends and we are losing our social skills. Not to mention any health-related risks. Because of this, unplugging has become a hot topic in last few months. Unplugging means leaving your mobile devices and even computers and doing something without them.

The truth is – unplugging can be hard, especially in the beginning. Because of that we have created a short list of tips and tricks to help you unplug easier:

  • First thing you can try is to leave the phone in another room (move the charger from the room in which you spend most time to another room). This will be the first time you face reality – how much you actually check on your mobile phone. This should be your first step and it is not that hard. You will probably check on your phone less, since it is not with you.
  • Second step will be turning the device completely (or devices – mobile phone, tablet and computer). We recommend you take this one step at a time – first turn off the device for an hour and then gradually add hours until you can turn off the phone for a whole day! Furthermore, you can choose one day of the week when you can turn the phone completely – Sunday, perhaps?
  • At times we can be so occupied with what is going online, that we don’t put the mobile device down, even while eating! It doesn’t matter whether you’re alone or in company of others – try to put the phone down and enjoy the meal without it.
  • After these three easy tasks, comes one that might look to you as “scary” – leave you mobile phone when going out. Leave it in your home if your going for a whole day or evening. You could experience an awesome time with your friends, without the need to check email every few minutes.
  • If you can’t leave it at home when going out with friends, at least try to check it out much less than you usually do. The idea of hanging out with others is to give your attention to them and not your phone. Interesting idea is to ask your friends to leave mobile phones stacked one on another in the center of the table and focus on each other!

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