Excuses about fruits and vegetables we are tired hearing

You are probably already aware how fruit is important for our health, because there is no expert or nutritionist who isn’t recommending fruit as part of a healthy diet. Furthermore, for a completely healthy diet one serving of fruit and vegetables is simply not enough – experts say that 5 servings is the optimal amount that we should consume. But, if we know that fruit and vegetables are healthy – why are we not eating every day? The complex answer involves both excuses and myths about these foods.

It seems that we are more prone to coming up with excuses, than simply adding more fruits and vegetables to our diet. We have decided to discuss in this article about most common excuses about these foods – we are certain that you have heard some of them so far.

Probably the most common excuse that you can hear about fruits and vegetables is that it is expensive to buy in the first place, but the fact that it can spoil quickly makes it even more expensive. Of course, if you let it spoil, you have basically thrown your money away, but what about if you don’t let it spoil? First thing you can do is to focus on buying fruits and vegetables that are in season – they are the cheapest and have the best flavor possible. If you are afraid that it could spoil, you could try to buy both ripe and unripe foods.

Second excuse that we are all tired of hearing is that fruits and vegetables are hard to incorporate into regular diet because it simply takes too much time to prepare. Nutritionists and chefs agree on this – these foods take probably the same amount to prepare as everything else, but you do need to cook with them regularly to be efficient. First of all, if you would like to incorporate these foods into your diet, you could go for grocery salad bar, which has already sliced foods – the good thing about this is that you don’t have to cook these foods at all – you can even eat it as a snack. Furthermore, learn which of previously packaged and can foods have low-sodium variations, so you can stock up on them and easily add them into your meals. If you like to prepare ahead of time, you can buy fruits or vegetables, plan meals and slice or dice and freeze for future use!

It is believed that all fruits and vegetables contain harmful pesticides, used by farmers to make sure that all the products are safe from harmful viruses and organisms. First thing you need to know is that FDA is really strict when it comes to checking which pesticides can be used. Second – experts say that all foods bought on local markets and in shops should be washed with only water – especially if you are eating the outer skin. Whenever it is appropriate, you could peel and cook vegetables, however, you should be aware that you might lose some fiber and nutrients in that process.

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