Everything you need to know about waist training

Waist training is something that has been talked about for a while now, but it really became popular when celebrities started promoting waist training and devices which help you obtain that waist you have always wanted. The main problem with this kind of training is that the results are mixed and it is not known whether is it safe for everyone to use the devices.

How did waist training become popular?

Waist training is something that has been talked about for years, but the it has reached peak of popularity thanks to Kardashian sisters – Khloe and Kim, which posted lots of pictures on their Instagram profiles, in which they can be seen wearing devices used for waist training. “Devices” really are just simple bands of material, that are wrapped really tight around lower rib cage and waist. When they wear these “devices” they get instant hourglass look. Furthermore, Jessica Alba and Brooke Burke-Charvet claimed they have used similar products and that they helped them get back quickly in shape, after giving birth. Brooke Burke-Charvet went on to create her line of wraps for waist – two products stand out – waist wrap for people who exercise and one for new moms.

Do waist training really helps with weight loss and with waist slimming?

Most of the experts agree that in no way waist training can help you make your waist slimmer or trigger weight loss. However, the only benefit that you can get by wearing them is instant slim look and hourglass shape.

Furthermore, experts say that there is no evidence about weight loss claims, but, they also say that there is nothing wrong in wearing weight training band or a corset – for a night, but that you should not wear them for long periods of time, since it can have negative consequences on your body and overall core strength.

Can waist training cause any health issues?

Experts agree that is early to know, but there are some known issues with wearing corsets. First of all, if a waist trainer or corset is too tight, it can make normal breathing difficult, increase the chance of heartburn and cause discomfort to the person that wears it. If you are an active person that plans on wearing waist trainers during workout, you should avoid them at all costs – the main problem is that the waist trainer will restrict your movement and it will even make taking full breaths much more difficult, which will greatly influence your training session.

There were also information in media and commercials that waist trainers help new moms get their figure back. Unfortunately, moms who have used waist trainers say that the device did not help them with their figure, however, they felt better while wearing it, so you could say that there is a good side to wearing waist trainers.


According to the experts, wearing waist trainers won’t help your figure, except for the slimmer look that you get while wearing it. If you are still interested in having tighter abs and flat stomach, you can try exercises like crunches and plank, which have proven to be very effective!

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