Everything you need to know about sweating

When you think about exercising, sweat is one of the things that usually pops up in your mind. These two things simply go together. However, did you ever thought about how much sweat is too much? Is it normal if you don’t sweat while exercising? What should you wear during exercises if you sweat a lot? Good news is that sweat is good for you and in this article we are going to tell you everything about it.

One thing that puzzles many people is how it is possible that some people sweat during workout and some people don’t? It is true that there are people who just sweat more than other people. However, you should now that there are many different factors that have role in the quantity of sweat you produce. Our bodies can have from 2 to 5 million sweat glands that produce different amount of sweat, mostly depending on the physiological status of our bodies in any given moment. We don’t sweat only when we exercise – we sweat when we are angry, stressed or nervous. Furthermore, you can sweat due to some hormonal changes, when it is humid outside or because of some medications that you take.

It is often believed that one gender on average sweats more and researches have proven that it is actually true – on average men sweat significantly more than women. The interesting thing is that women have more sweat glands then men, but it seems that sweat glands that men have are simply more active.

However, sometimes there are factors affecting the amount sweating, that are not related to what gender you are or are you stressed or not – people who are overweight sweat significantly more than people who are fit or have normal weight. Their bodies sweat more because they need more time to cool down, on the other hand, unlike a person with normal weight, overweight or obese person needs much more time to begin sweating, because their body is not in a condition to do so easily.

The interesting thing is that more sweating is not another sign of a person who is out of shape and someone’s fitness level does not affect the amount of sweating at all. Researches have shown that people who workout regularly have efficient bodies when it comes to cooling down and this is the main reason why they begin sweating right away.

One of the sure reasons to make you sweat is the intensity of what you are doing – yes, the harder you work the more you are going sweat. Sweat is a way for our bodies to cool down and when you think about it, it is quite simple – the more heat your body produces, the more you are going to sweat.

While sweating is good for your body, make sure that you prepare for hard workouts (always have a bottle of water and wear clothes that is comfortable) and take some time to relax and let your body heal after hard and intense workouts.

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