Everything you need to know about hiking

When the summer nears to its end, hiking becomes number one choice of many as an outdoor activity. Of course, you can go hiking anytime you want, but during the fall the landscape is amazing and the temperatures are more bearable. If you live in an area where winters are cold, you should think about hiking in the fall, since during cold winter you have to be inside and focus on doing only indoor exercises.

Most of the people who love hiking say that, although it is an exercise, it just feels more fun to do. Furthermore, if you find someone to go with you or if you form a group for hiking, you could make this outdoor exercise even more interesting. However, the interesting thing that most of the people, who don’t go hiking, think that this activity includes wearing a huge backpack and going to a nearby mountain – but it does not have to be. Actually, hiking can be a short walk on your local trail. Some people, who live in the city, think that there are no hiking trails nearby, which usually is not the case.

There are many benefits of hiking, but the most important is the cardiovascular exercise. Did you know that depending on the difficulty of your hike, you could burn similar amount calories that you would burn while running? If a trail has uneven terrain, with lots of inclines and declines, you will have to work much harder than you have to work while walking. Furthermore, hiking on steep terrain will make your heart rate elevate, coming into the aerobic zone – which is great for burning calories and fat.

Hiking is very similar like walking – especially when it comes to equipment and fitness level. While some of the exercises need for you to have lots of expensive equipment, for hiking, just like walking, you only need good walking shoes and proper clothing. Hiking, unlike some exercises, is appropriate for all people – regardless of their fitness level, which makes it ideal for people of all ages. Furthermore, it is completely free – you don’t have to pay for membership or to invest in some special gear.

Three things you need to do before going to a hike – first, you should know where you are going to hike. If you want to go on a new trail, you shouldn’t go alone, not until you are familiar with it. The problem is that you could end up getting lost or hurt and that is the main reason why you should always go with your partner on a hike. Second, make sure to prepare supplies. The amount of your supplies depends on the length of your hike – but you should always take water, sunscreen and bug spray with you. Third, remember to dress appropriately. Most of the experts say that choosing light layers is the best idea, because you can add more layers if you are cold or subtract if it gets too hot. You have to wear a good sneakers or hiking boots.

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