Effects that strength training has on your body

One of the most powerful physical interventions that anyone can do is exercising. For quite some time all experts and doctors are saying that we should workout every single day – some even recommend at least 60 minutes of activity every day. Unfortunately, most of us do not exercise every day (most of us even don’t exercise at all), while when it comes to strength training situation is even worse – just a small amount of those who regularly exercise are doing strength training – most of them are men, while women and seniors that do strength training are quite rare.

However, it seems that times are changing and more and more experts are recommending strength training along with cardio to those who want to lose weight and improve their lifestyle – but, what exactly are the benefits of strength training? If you are interested, check out the list below:

  • Your overall strength will increase

This is probably one of the most obvious effects of strength training – the increase in physical strength. However, this is not the only benefit – with the increase of your overall strength there are lots of interesting benefits – first of all you will feel better, be more confident and you will be surprised how there are lots of things you can do now, that you could not before you started with strength training. Experts say that lifting weights can improve joint mobility, bone density and body composition.

  • Your muscle mass will increase

Strength training is practically the only way to increase your muscle mass, which will make you look amazing. There is a common misconception that a person must do cardio in order to be fit, but as many studies have shown – cardio is not enough. If you want to build your body by adding some muscle mass and changing the size of your muscles, you will have to incorporate strength training in your every day activities.

  • Your body fat will decrease

Most of the people believe that you need to do cardio in order to decrease body fat, however, this could not be further from the truth. Strength training has an amazing effect – called “afterburn” effect that increases overall calorie burn during a period of 72 hours after you have finished exercising. When it comes to weight loss, neither cardio or strength training are better then each other, instead the most effective weight loss happens when you combine the two types of training.

  • Your posture will improve

Experts say that a lot of people look fat, depressed or even sick, just because of their posture. Luckily proper strength training can help improve the muscles that help with our posture.

  • Your brain function will improve

Believe it or not, strength training can improve your brain functions. Many researches have come to the conclusion that cardiovascular exercises can physically change the brain of person who is doing strength training, by actually growing brain cells – this is quite fascinating, isn’t it? When you do strength training, muscles are not the only ones who are growing!

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