Diet soda associated with increased waistline, study says

Diet sodas are often advertised as drinks that we can drink without feeling guilty, since they have less calories than other regular sodas (or the original drink, for example Coca Cola and Diet Cola). For a while now, experts have been expressing their doubts about the “good” sides of these sodas. The idea behind diet sodas is great – they taste like the original drink, but have less calories. The problem is that, although they really have a smaller amount of calories (not a significant amount), they have artificial sweeteners added, which, basically defeats its purpose, since the diet soda can have more sugar than the regular one.

Just a few weeks ago, a research was concluded and experts behind it stated that this research has proven that there is a direct link between drinking diet sodas and increasing waistline. The study has shown that people who drink diet sodas have bigger waistline, but this is not all – they have also found out that the more the person drinks diet sodas the bigger their waistline is.

One of the authors of the study said that we shouldn’t only look at what the label says, because it can deceive us and make us drink more or believe that we can drink it guilt-free. She also stated that it is not a good idea to protect ourselves from gaining weight by drinking diet sodas and not to sabotage our own health. It is also important to add that this study did not focus on researching the connection between increased waistline and diet sodas, but that they have came to that association.

In the last couple of years, numerous studies have shown that drinking diet sodas that are artificially sweetened can lead to lots of different health problems – from damaged teeth to heart problems. Experts are trying to raise awareness of people who are drinking diet sodas about problems they could experience.

However, neither of these researches have been able to prove that people have gained weight or increased their waistline just because they drank diet sodas instead of regular sodas. The increased waistline might happen to people that have decided to do something about their health and switched from regular to diet sodas. Another possible scenario is that people drink more diet sodas, just because they think that they are harmless and they won’t get fat. Some people even eat more, just because they drink diet sodas.

When a person drinks diet soda, the blood sugar levels spike in their bodies, in return body produces insulin, which then gives liver a sign to store fat. But, this is just one part of the problem – higher blood sugar level means that you will be more hungry for your next meal than usual.

If you like to drink diet sodas, you can always switch to drinks that are far less harmful – tea, coffee, fresh juice or mineral water. Don’t forget that you can drink regular water in large amounts every day and keep your body hydrated!

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