Common signs that show that you are depressed

Feeling down from time to time about something that is happening in your life is nothing to be worried about, but if this sadness becomes a part of your every day life, you should seek professional help.

First thing you need to know is that you are not alone. National Institute of Mental Health stated that, according to their research, more than 7% of adults experience clinical depression. Depression can sometimes mask itself as a sad period in your life, but if you find yourself unable to do something that was normal for you in the past (you can’t work as you normally do, you don’t visit your friends anymore or you have been neglecting your kids), you should visit your doctor.

However, these are not the only signs that you might be depressed. Read below for more not-so-common signs that you should seek help:

Do you get agitated easily?

This is something that people often tend to overlook – experts claim that people who get irritated easily (especially about some small things or irrelevant situations) are most likely to be depressed.

Do you avoid doing things that once made you happy?

One of the signs even your friends and family may miss – depressed people often stop doing things that they loved before (it could be anything, from going out with your friends to watching movies with your significant other). Depressed people often isolate themselves and this is why they stop doing things with friends, coworkers or family.

How are you sleeping?

Depression often manifests through sleeping disorders. Researches have shown that people who are depressed tend to sleep more, actually, a lot more than usual. This is some kind of defense mechanism and it is common for asocial people who are suffering from depression. Experts say that depressed people seek refuge in sleeping, it offers them escape from their life.

Do you feel worthless?

Thinking that you are not good enough or that you do not matter is alarming, because this could mean that you are on a self-harming path. Furthermore, by having thoughts like these, you tend to be more depressed, so it is much harder for you to feel better.

Do you often lose focus?

Do you find yourself forgetting about things? Or missing deadlines at work? This is something that often happens to depressed persons – since their brain is constantly thinking about sadness and emptiness in their life, often they tend to forget about anything else. Furthermore, when you are not focused or concentrated, you tend to make bad decisions and poor choices.

Is your appetite different?

This can be different from one person to another. Depression can make you eat less than you normally do. When you are occupied with negative thoughts, you usually tend to lose interest in eating and preparing meals.

Do you think often about death?

If you are thinking about death in general, committing suicide or how would your friends and family feel if you died, are all signs that you are depressed and that you should seek help of a professional.

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