Common excuses for not doing yoga

For a long time, yoga was considered as a taboo – it was not researched enough outside Asia and in both Europe and North America it was thought that this is something that only weird people do, that it does not have any healthy benefits and that you have to meditate during every yoga session. However, the situation now is completely different – first of all, there were hundreds of researches that has shown how yoga is healthy and beneficial for us, second – more and more people every day start doing yoga and there are now millions of people doing it every day and the third – it has been proven that yoga is really physically demanding and can help us lose weight and gain muscle.

However, there are still some people who simply won’t try it and for many different reasons. Some of these are real problems, while most of it are just plain excuses. We believe that yoga is good for everyone and that you should definitely try it.

Also, there are some common excuses we often hear from people who don’t want to do it and we have added them to our short list below:

Yoga is only for weird people and yoga is weird

This is something we have all heard at least once about yoga. Unfortunately, yoga has its share of weirdos. The problem is that early adopters of yoga in the Europe and North America are people that are considered to be weird, but still they are the ones that made yoga so popular. Furthermore, in every gym there are weirdos – in crossfit, in weightlifting, even running. So, this is not a valid excuse anymore.

Yoga is not exercise

If you think that yoga is not a real exercise, take a look at the yoga outfits – have you ever seen yoga pants? They are made out of stretchy fabric – the same fabric that is used for standard exercise clothing. Furthermore, yoga really does have a physical side – a real physical side. The problem is that many beginner yoga classes are made for absolute beginner and feature a very easy yoga poses. If you don’t sweat while doing yoga – it is time to choose another class.

I am not flexible enough to do yoga

The number one excuse of all people who don’t want to start doing yoga – “I am not flexible enough”. First of all, yoga is not all about bending and doing some flexible poses – especially for beginners. Furthermore, do you have to be able to run a marathon in order to start training for it?

I don’t have the time

This is the most common excuse – and not only for yoga. However, the problem is that many yoga classes last around 90 minutes, which is really long especially for people who are working 9 to 5. However, if you want to practice yoga, there are many videos on YouTube taking you step by step through every position and the best thing is that you can practice for as long as you want.

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