Challenges that new runners face

We all have that one friend that just goes for a run, all the time. It seems as it is just another regular thing for them, like taking out the trash or going to the store. For someone who does not run every day or regularly, this is really unbelievable.

Most of the people who don’t run, but like to be active go for long walks and while the two activities are similar, running is far better in terms of calories burned and over the years there were thousands of researches and studies that have shown that people who run regularly have less chance of getting a heart disease and that running increases longevity. This is why you should give running another chance.

We have created a list of challenges that new runners face (and are something that seasoned runners know very well, too):

Sore muscles – the pain that every new runner feels on the second day is pretty real. First of all, make sure that your runs are suitable for you and your overall shape and second, if your muscles are really sore, you can always try one of those post-workout remedies.

Waking up early – one of the most difficult things to get used to is getting up early. Lots of runners don’t do it, but with all the benefits of running in the morning, it is something that every runner should do.

Finding the perfect route – in order to make your run entertaining, you must find the perfect route. While there is no universal perfect route, there are some places that are usually preferred by runners – like parks or open sports stadiums. In the beginning, lots of new runners have troubles finding the perfect route.

Coping with boredom – yet another big problem for beginner runners – boredom. This is especially tough for social people and those who are used to workout in groups or in a gym. This is something that you will have to accept – running can be boring at times, however, you can find different ways to make this exercise less dull – for example, you can change routes every time you go on a run.

Choosing the right race – at the moment, there are lots of races where you can enter and this is something that can be overwhelming in the beginning, but, you can choose the ones that have interesting routes or those which are organized for a cause.

Choosing the perfect playlist for your run – most of the people who run, listen to music while they do it. The problem is, especially for beginners, what to listen? Upbeat songs can sometimes be overwhelming, while slow songs can also slow down your pace. The best idea is to create multiple playlists and choose the right one after you test them during your runs (we have recently published an article with amazing ‘90s playlist, you can read it here).

Workout clothes – what to wear to a run? Seasoned runners always have special equipment, but, beginners don’t and choosing the right outfit can be stressful. If you don’t know what to wear, choose something appropriate to weather conditions and something you feel comfortable wearing.

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