Can music make your workout more enjoyable?

Every single person who has been to the gym has experienced after some time how monotonous, even boring exercising can be, especially if you are going to the gym alone. The problem is that after a while, you get into this routine – you do different exercises every time you go (depending on muscles you are working on), but you still use the same machines, you are in the same environment and ultimately – you always see the same people. You see now how easy can it become repetitive and boring, which can result in your quitting. However, if you do get bored in your gym, this doesn’t mean that the time has come to change it, instead you can do something that can make exercising more enjoyable – get some music for your workouts.

Unlike gyms today, in the past there was no music at all – people came to exercise and that was it. It was yoga that first had soothing music to make all participants feel more relaxed and focused. It didn’t take long for gyms to take the hint and now every gym has loud speakers blasting some upbeat music. However, since this music might not be to your liking, we suggest that you invest a few dollars for a good set of headphones, create your own playlist containing only songs that you like and see how it transforms your exercise. Choose songs that will motivate you and help you push through hard workouts.

Some people use playlist to shape their cardio exercises. For example, their playlist consists of songs with different pace and tempo, so they know when they need to speed up and when to slow down – the first part of the cardio, the warm up, features slower songs, while the actual part of the workout has upbeat songs that aim not only to push through your workout, but to also make you feel better while you are doing the exercise. The idea is to match the rhythm and the tempo of the song to your workout.

Furthermore, music has even more benefits than we thought – latest researches have shown that music can help us heal and it can also affect our brain waves. Not to mention to help us feel energized and capable of doing any exercise. Music also helps us stay positive, which is not only important for the workout itself, but for our lives in general. There are many researches on the matter, so we will see in the future how else music impacts our lives.

What most gym-goers like about having their own music is that it will take their mind of exercising and distract them from fatigue and sore muscles. Music will make the whole experience of going to the gym a more pleasurable experience. When it comes to choosing the right music, you have to know that there is no one genre that works for all, so it would be best to choose the music you like and the music that makes you feel better.

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