Best songs to get you moving

Music is an important part of exercising – actually, one survey has shown that 95 percent of all participants can’t exercise without music – which just shows how important it is. While every person likes to listen to his or her own favorite playlist, there are some songs that are popular and at the same time can get you motivated to work harder or run faster.

However, not all songs are good for all types of exercises and not every person needs motivational songs – some just need fast-paced songs that will keep the heartbeat up!

  • Cardio usually consists of working out on treadmill, stairmaster, elliptical trainers or just running. All these workouts require fast-paced music that has similar tempo throughout the whole song. It is best to create a separate playlist just for cardio exercises, consisting of songs with up beat tempo:
  1. Pitbull (Calle Ocho) – I know you want me
  2. Gloria Gaynor – I will survive
  3. Shakira – Hips don’t lie
  4. Fergie – Fergalicious
  • Unlike cardio, weightlifting usually requires completely different songs. Most of the weightlifters listen to heavy metal or hard rock. It seems that there is something in those songs that just makes them push harder. However, there are some songs that are quite popular, but are not from those two genres:
  1. Guns ‘N’ Roses – Welcome to the jungle
  2. Survivor – Eye of the Tiger (favorite song of every Rocky fan)
  3. Eminem – Lose yourself
  4. LL Cool J – Mama said knock you out
  5. Queen – Another one bites the dust
  • Walking is much different than both cardio and weightlifting, since it requires songs that have different tempo, because people tend to change the pace with their heart rate (most of us don’t even notice the change). Unfortunately, some songs do repeat from one playlist to another, but they are so good so it is a shame to leave them just in one playlist:
  1. Rolling Stones – Start me up
  2. Marina and the Diamonds – Shampain
  3. Survivor – Eye of the Tiger
  4. Shakira – Waka Waka
  5. Kerrie Roberts – No matter what
  6. Katrina and the Waves – Walking on sunshine
  7. Pink – Get the party started
  8. Katy Perry – Firework
  9. Kesha – Blow
  10. Michael Jackson – Beat it
  11. The Afters – Light up the sky
  12. Kelly Clarkson – Since u been gone
  13. Rihanna – Don’t stop the music
  • Last, but not the least – music for the cool down period of your exercise (usually at the end, but if you are working out hard, there should be a short cool down period in the middle). These songs are usually under 100 beats per minute, they have a steady tempo and not too many changes. The whole idea is that you finish the exercise in positive and while doing that to enable your muscles to slowly rest before finishing with the workout:
  1. Mandisa – My deliverer
  2. Abba – Dancing Queen
  3. Rod Steward – Downtown Train

Find these songs today on Pandora, Spotify or iTunes – add them to your playlist and start working out!

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