Benefits of unplugging

When you take a look around us – you will notice how technology and social media has influenced our lives. We are never dropping down our phones, we spend more time in front of the computer (most of us for work) and we are less and less connected with our friends and family. This trend is not only happening in the United States – actually it is happening all around the world. It is sad to see people sitting together looking at phones or couples at dinner checking their Facebook accounts. The world has transformed in just a few years and no one can say is it for better or for worse.

There is hope after all – more and more people are talking about unplugging and how good it is for us. Unplugging means leaving your cell phone and computer and doing things completely without any of the devices you use daily. People who have managed to do this before claim that there are many benefits of unplugging and here are some of them:

  • One of the things that every person who has tried unplugging before has noticed is the reduced anxiety. Most of us use our smartphones to check emails and read work-related conversations and this can make us all quite anxious – especially when you do this early in the morning. The idea is to enjoy morning like people did before – getting up, drinking coffee and talking with your family over breakfast. Furthermore, unplugging will remove the feeling of missing out that Facebook can cause.
  • Unplugging early in the evening has a great benefit – you will sleep better. In order to feel energized in the morning and ready for what that day has in store for you – you need to get some proper sleep. Unplugging will not only help you relax, but at the same time not using any of the devices will improve your overall sleep. Scientific research has shown that light that displays on portable devices emit can mess with circadian rhythms, resulting in poor sleep.
  • Another interesting benefit of unplugging is that you will get some time to learn something new about yourself, for example – when do you need your phone. Most of the people realized that whenever they need their phone, they were in situations when they felt anxious and nervous. Learning this about yourself will enable you to tackle these situations better in the future. Experts say that we are using our phones to cover up our fear of being alone.
  • Probably the best benefit of unplugging is that you will connect much better with your friends and family. We have forgot what it is like to communicate face-to-face without our smart devices to help us. Experts say that because of social media we are getting more and more emotionally detached and that our relationships with our friends and our families are suffering. Unplugging from time to time could prove to be beneficial for keeping your relationships with people you have in your life healthy.

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