Benefits of becoming a vegetarian

Vegetarianism has been for a long time misunderstood and there are numerous false stories and misconceptions about it. First of all, unlike other specific diets or lifestyles, vegetarianism is quite simple – it means only abstaining from eating meat, while everything else is allowed. Furthermore, one of the common misconceptions is that people who are animal rights activists are the ones who become vegetarians in the first place, however, this is far from truth – while some vegetarians really are animal rights activists, they make just a small portion of all vegetarians.

People who like to eat meat often find different reasons why you should not became a vegetarian, but even though the studies have found out long time ago that there are many benefits of becoming a vegetarian – they still don’t think so.

One of the first benefits is the one that is probably the easiest to notice – losing weight. Most of the people who stop eating meat experience weight loss in the first few months, even if they are not trying actively to lose weight. Some people have even reported that they have started losing weight just after three days after not eating any meat. In the past it was believed that this is purely coincidental, however, Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics has published an article that has confirmed that when you stop eating meat, your body starts losing weight naturally. The interesting thing is that we are not talking about a pound or two – on average people who have stopped eating meat lost 7.5 pounds.

Along with weight loss, one of the benefits you should experience is improved digestion. The explanation is quite simple – thanks to the new diet, your body finds it easier to detox and since there are no heavy meats to process, your digestive system does not have to work as hard as before. Experts say that it can take up to five hours to digest pork meat. On the other hand, experts say that switching to a plant-based diet you have to be prepared to experience some bloating and excessive gas, since healthy foods are known to cause gas.

Once you go vegetarian, you will notice how your eating habits are going to change. First of all, your grocery bill should be significantly cheaper (meat is often expensive) and second – your tastebuds are going to go through an adjustment period (because of the reduction of proteins that are found in meat). However, this is where you have to plan your diet carefully in order to be sure that your body is not going to lack any of the necessary nutrients, like protein, B12 vitamin, Zinc and Iron.

Furthermore, you have to be prepared that you will be more aware of what you are eating and most of the people who have become vegetarians claim that it had a profound impact on their lives, because they have started appreciating food that they eat every day and with that they have also stated that they felt better mentally.

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