8 lazy ways to burn more calories

Most of the people believe that burning calories and losing weight can only be done by watching every single that you eat, exercising for hours and never doing anything outside that routine. However, depending on your current lifestyle there are lots of different things that can help you burn more calories and lose weight on the long run.

Now, we call these simple tips as “lazy ways” to lose calories, but as you are going to see they are not lazy – maybe “different” is a better word. Nonetheless, these simple tricks will enable you to lose weight by simple burning more calories, but you are not going to sweat and you don’t have to go to the gym:

Increase your caffeine intake

One recent study in the United Kingdom has come to the conclusion that caffeine can boost calorie burn by speeding up our metabolism for up to three hours. You don’t like to drink coffee? No problem, instead of a cup of coffee – drink cup of green tea!

Use stability ball outside the gym

If you have ever seen a person sitting on a stability ball in their office and if you thought that it was some kind of joke – it isn’t! Swapping your regular office chair for a stability ball can help you burn up to 260 calories more every day. However, experts recommend that in the beginning you start with smaller periods and increase every week for 15 minutes, until your body has completely adjusted to new seating position.

Try a semi-paleo diet

Latest studies have shown that people who cut carbs for only two days a week lose more weight than those who go on a full-paleo diet.

Do you like to chew gum? Great!

What is the best way to stop snack crave? Experts say – chewing gum. Furthermore, one study in the United States have shown that people who chew gum regularly eat up to 20 percent less than people who don’t chew gum at all.

Lower your room temperature

After one extensive research, experts have come to the conclusion that 64 degrees is the best room temperature to burn fat.

Train two days a week, instead of three

This idea includes that you go against one of the first strength training tips everyone will recommend – instead of training three days (as everyone recommend) you should try training only two days. One study has shown that even though you have one training less, you get the same results.

Don’t get stressed

Did you know that people who get easily stressed burn on average 100 calories less than people who don’t? Yet another reason to take it easy!

Stop drinking alcohol regularly

There is nothing wrong in drinking a glass of wine or a beer with your friends from time to time. However, drinking often will not only turn you into an alcoholic, it will also slow down your fat burn – actually, one study says that drinking only two beers can slow down the whole process of fat burning up to 73 percent!

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