7 stress triggers you don’t notice

Stress triggers are all around us. In these modern times, where we live really fast and don’t have enough time for all stuff that needs to be done, stress has become a part of our life. However, most of us are only aware of major stress triggers, like commute, work or finances. These are not the only sources of stress – did you think about smaller things that trigger stress? Something that annoys you, but does not look important to you or your life? According to the experts, these smaller  sources of stress can often be ignored, but they tend to increase your stress level significantly.

In order to cope with stress, you have to identify all its sources and triggers, so you can be prepared to act better in the future. Below is the list of things or situations, that we often don’t think about as stressful.

Your partner

Believe it or not, your partner may cause lots of stress, especially if you live together, even if you are madly in love and get along. There is something that your partner does, that goes on your nerves and there is something that you do that goes on their nerves. The best solution is to find balance in your relationship, make compromise and maintain communication.

Every day situations

One of the things that really increases the amount of stress we have to cope with are the every day situations, like phone calls, when you can’t find parking spot or rude cashiers. It is important that you find a way to cope with small things like this, in order to help decrease the overall amount of every day stress you have to face.

Problems that other people have

It is known that we tend to stress about problems of other people, especially about problems of our family and friends. The best thing to do in this situation is to help people who have the problem, but if you can’t then you shouldn’t stress too much about it.

Social media

According to the research, that was published couple weeks ago, social media can be a stress trigger. While there are many different ways how your Facebook or Twitter profile can cause you stress, one of the most notable ways is – other people’s stress. Simple – you see that someone else has a problem (one of your Facebook friends, for example) and you get stressed.

Events from your childhood

Childhood is the most beautiful time of our life, however, not everyone has had a great childhood. There are thousands of people who suffered or had to experience a traumatic challenge in their childhood.


Although caffeine is not a stress trigger, but it can make stress that you are feeling even worse. Because of that, make sure that you skip the coffee wherever you feel stressful

Something is not going according to your plan

This is something that can often be a significant source of stress, especially for people who love to be in control. If things are not going how you planned, try to relax and think about a different approach or how can you improve your current situation.

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