7 simple tips for better sleep

Sleeping is very important part of our life. In order to function properly, we need to sleep at least 8 hours every single day. Latest researches have confirmed that sleeping is very important for weight loss and that everyone should get at least 8 hours of sleep every day.

Every person has its own pre-bedtime ritual, however, if you have turned off the light, put away your smartphone or tablet and got comfortable, but still you are unable to sleep, there are some tips that could help you fall asleep easier and have a better sleep as well.

1. Adjust the lights

If you have a bright light next to your bed, it could make it hard for you to fall asleep. It is a great start to keep your room dark at night, because it will improve the quality of your sleep. The dark room suggests to your body that it is time to sleep, while, the bright light suggest that it is time to get up.

2. Watch out what you drink in the afternoon

Most of the people try not to drink tea or coffee in the evening, because that coffin won’t let them sleep. However, latest researches suggest that drinking tea, stronger coffer or even orange soda can make you stay up late.

3. Don’t take a bath just before going to bed

If you like to take a long bath before you go to bed, because it helps you relax, we have bad news for you – you might have take a bath before. According to latest researches, taking a bath might prevent you from falling asleep easy, so it is not recommend to take a bath just before going to sleep.

4. Stretch before going to bed

Stretching or doing some yoga before going to bed could help you relax and calm your mind, which can help you a lot to fall asleep sooner and sleep much better. Short yoga session (no more than 10 minutes) can help you a lot and you could make this part of your pre-bedtime routine. If you do not like to do yoga, you can always meditate for 10 minutes instead.

5. Alcohol and sleep don’t make a great mix

Although many people believe that drinking before going to bed makes their sleep better, actually, alcohol helps decrease the amount of deep sleep that you could have and it will make your sleep unsatisfying and restless.

6. Put down your smartphone

Smartphones and tablets keep us up at night and because of that it is recommended that you put down all your devices and gadgets an hour before you go to sleep.

7. Choose what you eat for dinner

You probably already know that you shouldn’t have a big meal in the evening (if you go to bed with full stomach, you will probably have problems falling asleep and your stomach will work on processing that food for the whole night, meaning that you will wake up really hungry). If you want to help your body have a great night sleep, you can eat chicken breast with fresh vegetables with just a little cheese for dinner.

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