7 most common excuses and how to overcome them

Willpower can only last for some time and when we run out of it, that is usually the time when our excuses get the best of us. Sometimes, the desire to workout and eat healthy is simply not strong enough to persuade us. We’ve all been there – you have to go to the gym, but you don’t feel like it. The biggest problem when this happens is not to find out why it happened, but to find out how to overcome it and exercise.

Because of this, we have prepared a list of most common excuses we tell ourselves as reasons not to workout and we have included some tips that should help you overcome them:

I can’t afford going to the gym

While your financial situation is a valid excuse not to go to the gym, this does not mean that you should not workout – there are thousands and thousands of articles and videos that show you how to do hundreds of different exercises for different muscle groups. This is why this excuse is not a valid reason.

I can’t run because it’s raining, snowing or it’s windy

Weather is not the best ally of runners and that is why everyone who is serious about running often tracks weather and plans his or her runs when the moment is right. Furthermore, if you want to run, but the weather is bad – you can always run on a treadmill in your local gym.

You can’t exercise because of some medical condition

Any medical condition should be treated as serious and in any case you should visit doctor immediately. However, if your medical condition allows you to exercise, this does not make a good reason not to. Anyway, consulting your doctor on this matter should set you on the right track.

I don’t know how to get started

As we have mentioned before, there are thousands and thousands of educational articles, images and videos on the Web and you can easily learn any exercise there is. Furthermore, there are now more educational apps than ever and there are some that only serve to be an educational tool – with videos and photos that explain every step of an exercise.

I hate exercising

The only way to get beyond this excuse is to accept that if you want to lose weight and improve your health you are going to have to exercise.

I want to exercise, but I’m too busy

This is another popular excuse, used by many in avoiding exercising and healthier life. The only thing you need to do (if you really are too busy) is to find a way to incorporate regular exercising in your time – if you don’t have time to workout for an hour, you can divide your exercise in smaller parts.

It is too complicated to eat healthier

It is not impossible for someone to be overwhelmed in the beginning and because of that it is important that you take one step at a time.

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