6 ways to save time in the kitchen, while still cooking healthy food

Have you ever watched one of those cooking shows on the TV? With hosts like Jaime Oliver or Gordon Ramsay? If you have, you have surely noticed how their kitchens are clean, with beautiful countertops that look brand new and a lot of kitchen equipment at their disposal. Kitchens that they show us are clean, with no dirty dishes and everything they need for the meal they are going to cook is already prepared and neatly sorted.

On the other hand, when preparing food in our kitchens at home, situation is completely different. First of all, we have to prepare every single thing that goes into the meal, second we have to clean up our kitchens and third – they are professionals, cooking for living. However, there are still some tips and tricks you can implement in your kitchen to at least make it easier for you to go through the whole process:

  • Prepare ingredients for all meals for that day early in the morning. There are many reasons why this is such a good idea – first of all you have a lot of energy in the morning, so it should not be a problem to prepare everything in the kitchen and second, which is more important – if you prepare everything in the morning, you will avoid the temptation of fast food in the evening because you are not in the mood to cook dinner.
  • If there is one piece of equipment that every kitchen definitely needs to have, that is the food processor. These devices are not as expensive as they once were and now come with multiple add-ons to make it easier on you to prepare a meal. Furthermore, they can save up a lot of time and are super-easy to clean!
  • Another interesting piece of equipment is a microplane grater. While we agree that this is not an essential piece of equipment, it can come really handy when you need to grate hard Italian cheese, like Parmesan.
  • Cutting boards are probably something that every kitchen in the world has. While some choose to go with a wooden or even stone one, we recommend that you choose one of the modern cutting board sets that can be easily folded and washed in a dishwasher. These sets are around $10 and have proven themselves to be very good!
  • Make sure that all your knives are properly sharpened. You have two options when it comes to sharping your knives – you can either do it by yourself or take it to your local hardware store. Sharping knives properly requires some practice, but if you are not up to it – it is better that you take it to someone who does that often.
  • If you are short with time due to work or family, you can always buy some items previously prepared. They cost a little more, but they can save you a lot of time in the kitchen – just make sure to check that the food is still fresh!

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