6 ways to burn 500 calories more every day

One of the first steps you need to take in order to lose weight is to cut down on your calorie intake or simply burn more calories every day. The question, however, is how many calories you need to cut down or burn in order to lose weight? According to the experts, if you cut down or burn just 500 calories every day, you should lose around a pound every week.

If you don’t have any idea about where to start or what to do to burn more calories, we have prepared some tips that should get you started:

Walk more

The best way to increase total calorie burn is to simply take more steps every day. At first, this might look difficult, but in the long run you can burn a lot more calories if you start walking more – for example, you can start walking while talking on the phone or take your kids to the store on foot.

Stop eating in front of the TV

One research has come to the conclusion that, on average, people who ate in front of the TV have eaten up to 288 calories more than people who eat at the table. Which brings us to a great idea – instead of eating in front of the TV, you can eat at the table and then take one hour walk – which will burn lots of calories.

Replace your current plates with smaller ones

This is a simple trick that many experts recommend – since the standard plate in the United States is 12 inches, you can replace your plates with 10 inch and you will eat up to 25 percent less than usual and, according to some studies, you should feel full.

Serve food in plates

Most of us cook for more than one or two people and when we do that, we tend to serve that in a bowl or a container. However, experts say that when we do this, we are more likely to eat more than one plate. The solution is fairly easy – just served food in plates, instead of bigger bowls.

Try to eat less pasta

Experts say that eating one cup of pasta is good for us (one cup has around 220 calories), but if you like to eat pasta in restaurants, one research has shown that a typical restaurant in New York in one serving has 480 percent more pasta. That is a total of 1,100 calories – even if you eat just half of all that pasta, you have still eaten around 550 calories.

Try to lower the number of smoothies that you prepare every week

Smoothies are usually made out of fresh fruits and vegetables and they are very healthy, but if you are trying to lose weight, they could be sabotaging your efforts. Did you know that one smoothie can have up to 800 calories? If you like to have a smoothie for breakfast, you can always replace it with oatmeal and banana combination.

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