6 tips to help you start with your fitness journey today!

Starting a wellness journey can be both exciting and terrifying and thanks to many advices that can be opposing it can leave you confused on how or why should you do something. Whatever happens, make sure that you remember why you have decided to start with the journey in the first place. In order to help you start out with your journey, here are some tips that should make it more clear what should you do in the beginning:

  • Don’t even start without previously defining what you want to accomplish – it is important that you set goals that should be reasonable, but also a goal that will motivate you. Where do you see yourself in three or five years? What kind of fitness future do you want for yourself?
  • As you are probably aware, your fitness journey will have some setbacks and hurdles on its path, so it would be a good idea that you try to predict as many setbacks as possible and maybe write them down, so you can be prepared for what comes ahead. You certainly won’t be able to predict everything, but by doing this “preparation” you will certainly be prepared better.
  • Every major projects needs a plan and so does your fitness journey. It doesn’t matter whether you want to lose weight or gain more muscles, you should come up with a plan that will help get to your goal easier. Your plan should have: a timeframe in which you plan to accomplish your goals, your exercise plan and your diet plan. Furthermore, if there is anything else that you think is important, feel free to add.
  • Many people who decide to start with an important change in their life often start writing a journal and this is actually quite good idea. Writing a journal will help you have a place to share your thoughts about your journey and it will keep you focused on the road ahead. Make sure that this journal is for your eyes only and that you write in it regularly.
  • There is no better time to start than right now – how many times have you said that you will start from Monday or next week? Probably more than once. In this “trap” we have all fallen too many times and it is definitely time to stop. Develop a plan and start working on it right now. Waiting for something can only make you more anxious and nervous, while you could enjoy the process. Furthermore, the sooner you start the sooner the results will come!
  • Take on step at a time – this is the most important tip you will ever get. Starting a fitness journey can be exciting and leave you wanting results as fast as possible, which can usually lead to either injury or disappointment and neither is good. Instead, try to focus on the next step and how to do it properly and then move on the next one – right until you reach your goal!

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