6 tips from a nutritionist

When it comes to fitness and diet, we all have our rituals and diet plans that we are sure that work for us. While this is nothing new, there are still some tips that work for everyone and there is no reason why not to at least try them. The problem is that there are now more than ever sites that are publishing tips every day (and more than often these tips don’t make sense) and this is the main reason why we decided to publish only true expert tips in this article. Read below nutritionist tips that should work for everyone:

Never skip breakfast

This is one of the first tips about dieting that you can read anywhere and there is a good reason for that – breakfast is the most important meal of the day, because it gives you energy and it helps your body start the day right. Furthermore, experts recommend eating breakfast within the first hour of getting up.

Introduce one change at a time

The easiest way to introduce change is one at a time, especially if you are about to start with dieting and working out. Changing too many things at once might make you feel overwhelmed and this will only lower your chance of success. Start with one change and when you think that this change has turned into a habit, introduce another change and so on, until you have transformed your diet.

Don’t eat fast

This is a common problem – we just eat too fast. First problem is that we don’t enjoy the food we are eating and the second is that when we eat fast, our brain doesn’t really get a good picture about the amount of food we have eaten. Instead, try eating slower and chewing more, because by doing this you are going to be more conscious about the food you have eaten and you are going to make it easier for your stomach to process that food.

Prepare in advance

The modern life is fast-paced and often we just feel we don’t have the time to eat breakfast or prepare a healthy lunch. Luckily, there is something you can do about it – prepare food the night before –for example you can cut onions and tomatoes or boil eggs and practically organize your whole breakfast to be prepared for you to consume it in the morning.

Eat when you feel hunger

Experts say that whenever you feel hungry, that is your body telling you that it is time to eat and you should listen to your body. However, this does not mean that you should eat a large plate of spaghetti or fried fries, instead have a banana or some other fruit – this should get you through to your next meal.

Replace butter

We all love some butter on our English Muffin in the morning, however, experts say that it would be the best to put some olive oil instead of better – for a much healthier breakfast.

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