6 tips for running with your pup

If you have sometimes seen someone run with their dog and you were amazed how they did it, it is actually much easier than it looks. Depending on what breed is your dog, they might be great for running, while, on the other hand, they might not be suitable for running at all. For example, pugs are not good for running, actually they don’t do well in the heat. If you plan to start running with your dog in the summer, you must be prepared to tackle the heat as well as your dog.

Here are some tips that should help you keep your dog cool and safe while running:

Don’t start too fast

If you have never taken your dog for a run with you, you should not expect that it will be able to run marathons from the first day, it doesn’t matter how active it usually is. In the beginning, you can start with combination of walking and running and as you notice that the endurance of your pup is increasing, you can run more and walk less. If your dog is younger than 18 months, it would be the best to speak to your veterinarian before you start running.

Check the weather before you go out to run

If you have run before on a hot day, you know how hard it can be. Well, it is same for dogs. If you can’t handle the heat outside, don’t expect that your pup will be able to. Furthermore, dogs can easily overheat, which can cause a heat stroke. It would be the best to run either early in the morning or late in the evening, or if you want to run anyway, leave your pup at home.

Choose accessories carefully

If you decide to run in the evening, make sure that both you and your dog wear reflective gear, so that you can be seen in the dark.

Check the paws of your dog often

On a hot summer day, asphalt and pavement can get incredibly hot and your dog can easily burn its feet. In order to keep you pup safe, it would be the best to take grass, sand or dirt trails. Furthermore, stop from time to time to check on the paws.

Make sure that you are both hydrated

Before you go out to run, make sure to offer your dog with some water. If you like to run in the morning, wait until your pup has had at least one bowl of water.

Keep an eye on your pup

You probably already know that your dog wants to please you and if it sees that you want to continue running, it will do its best to keep up, even if it is experiencing pain. Because of this, remember to check on your dog from time to time – if it looks to you that it is experiencing pain, make sure to stop running immediately and let it rest for some time.

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