6 things you shouldn’t do before going to bed

Lots of people have trouble sleeping and that can greatly affect their lives – negative effects can manifest as bad mood, low energy level or even some health issues. While there are many reasons that might be causing you problems, most of the people just blame insomnia. The truth is that the insomnia is very advanced health issue and in most of these cases, people who thought that they suffered from insomnia actually did something that made their process of falling asleep harder. Many studies have been done on this subject so far and most of them agree that the amount of physical activity we have throughout the day, what we eat and drink and how mentally active we are – it all affects our sleep.

We have gathered some of the most common things you do before you go to bed, that negatively affects your sleep:

You use your smartphone or your tablet

Sleep can be disrupted with the use of smartphone, tablets or even television when we lay down, some studies suggest. There is a scientific explanation – smartphones, computers and tablets emit a blue light, which prevents the production of melatonin (it helps your body to become sleepy). The solution is simple – experts recommend that you stop using any of these devices at least an hour before you go to bed.

You take some medications

Certain medications or supplements during the day and you are experiencing sleeping problems, they might be to blame. The best thing you can do is to consult with your doctor about it. It is known that some medications and supplements, might disrupt sleep if taken in the certain part of the day.

You drink coffee late in the evening

Did you know that a cup of coffee can contain up to 120 milligrams of caffeine per cup? Although most of us know that we should not drink coffee before sleep, we still sometimes love to drink coffee before going to bed.

You drink tea, instead of coffee

While you might avoid drinking coffee in the evening, still if you have replaced it with tea, you still get a lot of caffeine in your system. However, there are some teas that are practically caffeine-free and you can drink them wherever you want – teas like peppermint and chamomile.

You eat chocolate before going to sleep

We all love to eat chocolate from time to time, but it appears that chocolate can have large amount of caffeine, especially dark chocolate with high percentage of cocoa. Furthermore, if you are sensitive to caffeine, even the ice cream with chocolate or coffee flavors can affect your sleep negatively.

Take time to relax

You have probably heard someone before say that when they go to bed, they can’t fall asleep because there is too much going on in their head – you might have felt the same thing. Well, expert have simple explanation for this – if you have gone from one activity to another and then directly to bed, your mind is still active. The best thing to do is to take some time to relax, before you go to bed.

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