6 things that irritate your fitness trainer

Most of the people have a special bond with their personal trainer, which is really not a surprise – they are people that we can lean on, they teach us and help us when we need help. However, it seems that we forget, from time to time, that fitness trainers are people too. That means that they have problems in their lives, just like normal people do and, also, they also can get irritated by some actions or just by some people. Luckily for us, most of the fitness trainers are hardcore professionals and they are pleasant and helpful with everyone.

Still, there are some things that some of us do, that can get on their nerves and for good reasons. Here is the list of things you shouldn’t say or do to your fitness trainer:

You don’t share all information about your health

If you go to the gym, you already know that trainers help each member create their own routines when it comes to exercising. In order to help you choose the right exercise and get the most out of your workouts, you must share everything about your health with your fitness trainer. You should tell your trainer if you are on some medication, if you injured your knee in the past or if you had back surgery. Information like this is very important and you should definitely share it with your fitness trainer.

You’re complaining, a lot

In every gym there are people that complain. That is like a rule, without exception. However, this is really irritating to fitness trainers, because people pay them to help them during training and they complain if the exercise is too hard, which practically makes no sense.

You’re constantly making excuses

You have skipped two trainings and when you have finally come to the gym, you spent all the time talking about why. You need to know that your fitness trainer is not interested in excuses, since you are the only one who loses when you miss going to the gym.

Trainers know when you are lying

This is similar to the one with making excuses, but this involves that you’re actually lying. For example, you tell your trainer that you missed a training because you had guests, instead you were alone, eating donuts and watching TV. While there is nothing wrong with this, you don’t have to tell your trainer a lie – just tell why you really miss your training and move on.

You’re talking too much

You should always make sure that you’re only talking with your trainer about exercising and nothing more, since him or her are probably not interested in what movie you watched or latest gossip.

You’re not following your plan

There is a good reason why your fitness trainer has created a special workout plan just for you and they can get really irritated when you don’t follow it. Keep in mind that they have spent time creating that workout plan and that you should follow it for your own good.

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